Star Wars The Wedding

We’ve all heard of Star Wars the movie. How about Star Wars the wedding?
“So for all you Star Wars fans, this ones for you” Little Blue Lemon

The intrepid couple pictured here commissioned Toronto-based Little Blue Lemon to create a very special wedding photo – being chased down the street by a terrifying squadron of Star Wars Imperial AT-AT Walkers. As can be seen from the pics that follow they really threw themselves into the role with enthusiasm.

The terrified wedding party with AT-AT walkers
The terrified wedding party with Star Wars Imperial AT-AT Walkers coming behind . . Yikes! — click to enlarge

Apparently, the meme was started by one Quinn Miller, 22, who produced a digitally put together image of a wedding party in Louisiana being chased by a huge T-Rex. Incredibly, the shot was taken in just one shoot lasting 2 minutes.

After Quinn shared the photo on Facebook, things went viral and the pic has now spread across the internet (6 images).

the happy bridal couple
The happy bridal couple embrace their role with enthusiasm — click to enlarge

Star Wars Imperial AT-AT Walkers
Star Wars Imperial AT-AT Walkers are coming — click to enlarge

T-Rex chasing the wedding party
T-Rex chasing the wedding party, the shopped photo that started it all when it went viral — click to enlarge

Katie Young and James Lowder
Katie Young and James Lowder from Louisiana — click to enlarge

T-Rex, unwelcome wedding guest shows up — click to enlarge

Sources: Little Blue Lemon photography; Quinn Miller Photography

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