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    Welcome to the weblog of John L Bradfield, a forum for various interests, reflections, contemplations, observations, comments and musings on an almost limitless variety of subjects.

    John L Bradfield
          John L Bradfield
    It is for an all-too-short moment in time that we’re just visitors on this beautiful, wonderful, challenging and sometimes frightening world.

    “For we are strangers before thee, and sojourners, as were all our fathers: our days on the earth are as a shadow, and there is none abiding.”
    — 1 Chronicles 29:15

    Courage, honesty, integrity, hope and love inspire me and I’m a searcher after the truth, probably just as you are.

    You’re welcome. Thanks for visiting this website.

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    The views expressed by the authors are their personal views and do not necessarily represent the views of this website or any other agency.

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    Comment Guidelines

    Comments and questions are encouraged, welcomed and appreciated.

    When posting a comment you should give credence to the following guidelines:

    • Please be relevant to the article;
    • profanity is not welcome;
    • neither is hate speech, racism or blasphemy;
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    • ALL CAPS is like shouting; try not to.

    Comments are held for moderation, the first time round. Thereafter, you’ll be recognized by the system and published immediately. Comments may be edited or deleted at the Editor’s sole discretion.

    Not every comment or question will be replied to or answered.

    We uphold and support the principal of Freedom of Speech as enshrined in the South African Constitution. Comment threads with a wide spread of thought and opinion are most welcome.

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    Guest Posting Guidelines

    We welcome and encourage guest authors and will consider well-penned contributions with genuine and informative content on almost any topic. These guidelines may help to smooth the process:

    • Submission:
      Email Guest Posts to john [at] johnlbradfield [dot] com either as a .DOC attachment or paste your content into the body of your email in HTML format.
    • Exclusivity:
      Your submission must not have been published elsewhere online. Duplicate posts are harmful to site rankings and if detected, will be removed without notice. If your post is not used you are free to submit elsewhere.
    • Topic:
      A broad range of topics are suitable for this website.
    • Content:
      Ideal length is 400 to 700 words. More than 1000 words might best be presented in two or more parts. A post of less than 400 words is probably too light but will be considered on merit. Please credit images or videos with appropriate links.
    • Links:
      If it’s relevant, you’re welcome to link back to your blog within the post. Subtlety often works best. Please don’t include affiliate links in your post. Rather link to a page with affiliate links on your own site.
    • Edits:
      Your post title may be changed to improve SEO and your content may be edited for spelling and grammatical errors.
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      Please include a short authors “bio” of one or two sentences and an “avatar” photo, size 64pix by 64pix in .JPG or .PNG format. Your image will be displayed in a “Guest Authors” section in the right-hand panel of the Home page. You’re welcome to include a link to your website and RSS feed here.

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    Privacy Policy

    This Privacy Policy applies exclusively to This ‘n That website, https://johnlbradfield.com. The privacy of our visitors is of extreme importance to us. We take our responsibilities in this regard, seriously.

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