Star Wars The Wedding


We’ve all heard of Star Wars the movie. How about Star Wars the wedding?
“So for all you Star Wars fans, this ones for you” Little Blue Lemon

The intrepid couple pictured here commissioned Toronto-based Little Blue Lemon to create a very special wedding photo – being chased down the street by a terrifying squadron of Star Wars Imperial AT-AT Walkers. As can be seen from the pics that follow they really threw themselves into the role with enthusiasm. Continue reading “Star Wars The Wedding”

Deepest Sea Shoot for Avatar Sequel in the Marianas Trench


The author of Avatar, James Cameron, is assembling a team to dive to the bottom of the deepest sea. He is planning to shoot footage for a sequel to Avatar.

The movie is set in the turbulent waters of Pandora, an alien moon, and it’s expected to hit the circuit in 2014. Cameron has commissioned Australian engineers to build a deep sea submersible to reach the bottom of the Marianas Trench. “We are building a vehicle to do the dive. It’s about half-completed in Australia,” said Cameron.

Camerons destination is an area known as “Challenger Deep”. At 10 916 meters (35 813 feet) below sea level, this is the deepest surveyed point on earth. It lies in the hadopelagic or Hadal zone so named from the greek word ” Hades” for the “underworld.” Continue reading “Deepest Sea Shoot for Avatar Sequel in the Marianas Trench”