Global Warming – Major Scam or Impending Reality?

Global Warming Scam or Reality
Global warming is the gradual increase in average temperature of Earth’s atmosphere

Global warming seems to be one of the most debated issues of modern civilization; everyone has a strong opinion about it one way or the other.

Global warming causes fights at family gatherings, and discords between friends. But how many people really understand the arguments on either side of the debate? It seems like people form their opinions based on how they feel, or what they want the answer to be, rather than based on information or evidence.

We’ll break down the arguments on both sides, and then let you decide for yourself whether global warming is all smoke and mirrors, or if you might want to go out and buy a hybrid vehicle.
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7 Tips To Help You Rent Out Your Home And Survive

rent out your home
How to rent out your home and survive

Moving into a new home, many property owners consider renting out their houses as fully furnished properties. If you’re thinking about it yourself, you should be aware that renting out your home will generate quite a lot of work and involve risks you simply must understand and manage.

Before making the first move, you should acquire knowledge about the legal aspects of renting property and your main responsibilities as the landlord. If you’re prepared to do it, here are 7 tips to help you proceed smoothly through the renting process and gain a considerable secondary income. Continue reading 7 Tips To Help You Rent Out Your Home And Survive

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Solar Eclipse Supermoon and March Equinox

solar eclipse supermoon and equinox
Today there’s a solar eclipse, a supermoon and it’s the equinox!

Today we see some truly momentous events in the heavens.

Not only is there a total solar eclipse, which is comes in the middle of four Blood Moons, but there’s a supermoon which will coincide with the autumn equinox.

Of course, if you’re in the northern hemisphere, it’s the spring equinox. Continue reading Solar Eclipse Supermoon and March Equinox

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How NOT to Get Rid of Your Problem Tenant

How not to get rid of your problem tenant
There’s only one way to get rid of a problem tenant

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard some advice that features unconventional methods of getting rid of bad tenants that refuse to move — like changing the door locks.

A few years ago, I came across a horror story about what can go wrong if you try to evict a tenant without following the legal process. Continue reading How NOT to Get Rid of Your Problem Tenant

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Weyers Du Toit Local Artist

Die Oes (The Harvest)
Die Oes (The Harvest), 95 x 75cm, oil on canvas (click to enlarge)

Weyers du Toit grew up in the Western Cape town of Bredasdorp. In the early 1990s he was a student of Fine Arts at the Cape College, working in Oils under the guidance of Liesbeth Gunther.

The artist paints from life in the spirit and style known as en plein air, after the French phrase for ‘in open air.’ This method of working in natural light serves to put the artist in direct contact with the beauty of nature and its elements. (See 13 more images, or click here for Flickr slideshow). Continue reading Weyers Du Toit Local Artist

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Why I Deleted My Facebook And Why You Should Too

Goodbye Facebook

Facebook conducted a secret social experiment on 689,003 of its user accounts. See here for a copy of the study (pdf).

The 2012 study’s findings were published on 17 June 2014 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

This is the one that finally got me. That’s it, I’m out of there!

In January 2012, in a week-long experiment, a Facebook data scientist and university researchers manipulated the news feeds of 689,003 random Facebook users, without their knowledge.
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5 Tips For Using Google Glass In The Classroom

Google Glass in the classroom
Google Glass has the potential to be a brilliant teaching aid in the classroom

Google Glass has already been recognized for its potential in radically changing the way we’ll teach in the future.

With Google Glass, teachers can make their own mini-documentaries in order to enhance the storytelling in the classroom

Here are some possible methods of using Google Glass in the classroom, helping both students and teachers to make the learning process smoother, more diversified and captivating.

Before delving further into the potential of Google Glass in assisting classroom activities, it’s necessary to get a grasp of its technical functions and how they relate to our physicality, such as eyeball movements.

This insightful infographic from Edudemic should do the trick.
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“Ayisafani” The Video The ANC Does Not Want You To See

This week we saw the state run SABC trying unsuccessfully to block a Democratic Alliance (DA) TV advert from airing on national television.

Well, predictably the “Streisand Effect” has now kicked in and the video has gone viral on YouTube. Oops.

“Ayisafani” means “It’s not the same” in Zulu.

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Isabel le Roux South African Artist

Isabel le Roux Ceres Landscape
Ceres Landscape — oil on canvas (click to enlarge)

Isabel le Roux was born in Rustenburg, a city situated at the foot of the Magaliesberg mountain range in North West Province of South Africa. She began her career as an art teacher and has been painting professionally since 1974.

Her dynamic style is both expressionistic and contemporary, employing the vibrant and bold use of colour to depict typical South African scenes, particularly the Cape and it’s people.

She paints mainly in oils but also uses acrylics, watercolours, pen on paper and mixed media. Her passion and commitment is evident in her artwork and her travels abroad have brought a new dimension to her work.

She is one of the most prolific artists in South Africa. Her first solo exhibition in 1974 was followed by thirty-six more solo and group exhibitions, both locally and overseas. She was recently honoured with a three month sabbatical in the “Cite International Des Artes’ in Paris. (See 12 more images, or click here for Flickr slideshow). Continue reading Isabel le Roux South African Artist

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Road Trips: 7 Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained

Stress-free road trips
Plan ahead and keep kids entertained to ensure that the trip is stress-free for the entire family

Road trips are an iconic part of family life. Long, lazy hours spent on the road heading towards a fun attraction, distant relatives, or a long vacation not only provides a great time to relax but a better time to bond with family. While mom and dad may like the long trips, kids can quickly become bored and crabby. To ensure that your road trips go off without a hitch, be prepared with these ways to keep kids entertained:

7. Involve the Family in a Game

Getting kids involved in the journey to your destination can be easy with a fun family game. Start a silly story contest, play a round of eye spy, or assign points for finding different animals during your travels. If you have some time to plan, create a game of Road Trip Bingo where boxes are checked off for finding certain attractions during the trip. Continue reading Road Trips: 7 Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained

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