Diagrams Can Help To Detail Data In Presentations And Assignments

Bar graph
Using diagrams is an effective way of presenting data and helps to engage an audience visually

Many students struggle every year on class projects because today most, if not all, assignments require presentations or reports. Beyond just text, students should incorporate additional elements like diagrams into their assignments to engage their audience visually.

Diagrams, as opposed to plain text, allow information to be displayed in a format that is easier to understand and digest which makes student presentations more engaging. The concept is simple enough, but there are many kinds of diagrams, and deciding which chart or graph to use can quickly become confusing.

Consider the following tips when adding visual elements or effects to your next presentation:
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14-Year-Old Real Estate Investor Buys Bank Repossessed Home

Volunteer Work
14-year-old Willow Tufano is co-owner of this $100,000 value Florida home – Image: Chana Joffe-Walt/NPR — click to enlarge

This heart-warming story caught my attention. Good news is scarce in real estate, today.

With the US sub-prime crisis in 2005 an unprecedented real estate tsunami signalled the start of a worldwide recession. It was a phenomena known as the United States Housing Bubble.

Real estate markets everywhere went into free fall, a decline that may only now be bottoming out. Bank repossessed properties, or foreclosures, went through the roof and may still be on the increase.

Whenever clouds are about, sometimes, we’ll find one with a silver lining. 14-Year-old Willow Tufano from Florida was in the right place at the right time when a $100,000 value, 2-bedroom, home became available on an auction for just $12,000. Her mother, a Florida real estate agent, went into the deal with her on a half-share basis.
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Multiple Myeloma Tests And Treatment

Multiple myeloma is signified by a burgundy ribbon, like breast cancer is signified by a pink ribbon.

A firefighter fights for his life. And wins This short video (1:04 mins) is Kevin Hunt’s courageous story, a successful fight back from Multiple Myeloma – Source: Indiana University Health

Multiple myeloma is a cancer in which plasma cells form tumors in the bone because the cells grow too quickly. While the body attempts to fight the tumors, it’s difficult for the bone marrow to create healthy platelets and blood cells. This cancer also causes anemia, which can in turn cause abnormal bleeding. Multiple myeloma also makes it easier for a person to develop infections.
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Ethiopia: King Solomon The Queen Of Sheba And The Black Jews — Part 2

Ethiopian black Jews making aliyah or ascent or going up to the Land of Israel
Ethiopian black Jews making aliyah or 'ascent' or 'going up' to the Land of Israel

In Part 1 we tell the little known story, with roots that reach back to the time of Abraham, of the union of the great King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.

In Part 2 a promise is fulfilled. They are welcomed by the Jewish state, like prodigal sons returning to the land of Israel.

The first modern contact with the Ethiopian Jews was by Scottish explorer James Bruce, who was searching for the source of the Nile River.

Early one morning in the late 1940s, an elderly Ethiopian Jew stood with his young grandson at the top of a small mountain, waiting for sunrise. As the sun broke over the horizon, the old man, pointing toward the sun, said, “Remember, this is the way to Jerusalem.”
Shmarya Scott Rosenberg

When Bruce came upon the ancient Jewish community of Ethiopia at Gonder In 1769, many had the sign of the crucifix tattooed on their foreheads to signify their link, as messianic Jews, to Christianity. The Beta Israel population at that time was estimated to be about 100,000 souls.
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Cancer Treatment And Support What You Can Do If You Are Diagnosed

cancer ribbons
Know what to do if you are diagnosed with cancer -- Image: Pink ribbon art by Robert Mobley of Fotolia.com

More than one-third of us will develop cancer at least once in our lives, but a good portion of those diagnosed with cancer will have many years of full and productive life with and after the diagnosis. How you manage the myriad of emotions that accompany your diagnosis and treatment plays an important role in your health. You have the power to improve your prognosis. The following actions can help make cancer treatment and the journey to recovery easier.

Get Control of the Situation
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Search Select Five Or More Search Engines For Better Results

Search Engines
Search Engine selection can help you generate more relevant Search Results

In the Information Age the word Google has entered the common lexicon. Need an answer? Google it. A mobile instant mine. Information now. It’s taken for granted; everything, everywhere all the time.

We effortlessly pull up literally millions of records on any topic. The data is searchable and filtered in real time using Google’s sophisticated state-of-the-art algorithms. Depending on the search term used, most of the time we get relevant results. Many, many results.

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Goals Setting Is An Important Step In Your New Career Venture

Goals Setting
Goals Setting is an important step in your new career venture

When setting out to achieve new career goals, it is natural that your motivation and energy in this arena will wax and wane. But it’s important for you to fight any sense of inertia because standing still will never lead you to the future you desire. Whether you’re starting out in your job search or you’re just beginning your trek toward an entirely new career path staying motivated is extremely important.

It is easy to lose steam, especially when you’re in the beginning stages of starting a new career venture. But you can take control of the situation by remaining vigilant and by setting up fail-safes to help you remain focused and inspired to create exciting adventures for yourself. The best thing you can do is set solid, realistic goals and then stick to them.

Here are some basic and important ideas on how to make goal setting work for you.
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Ethiopia: King Solomon The Queen Of Sheba And The Black Jews — Part 1

King Solomon receives the Queen of Sheba
King Solomon receives the Queen of Sheba. This beautiful example of medieval stained glass dates from 1180AD and is the Second Typological Window in the north quire aisle of Canterbury Cathedral – Image: Sacred Destinations

The modern history of the Jews in Ethiopia begins with the reunification of Ethiopia in the mid-19th century during the reign of Theodore II. At that time the Jewish community, known as Beta Israel, numbered between 200,000 to 350,000 people.

This little known story, with roots that reach back to the time of Abraham, starts with the union of the great King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. In Part 2 a promise is fulfilled. They are welcomed by the Jewish state, like prodigal sons returning to the land of Israel.

The name Beta Israel originated in the 4th century AD when the community refused to convert to Christianity during the rule of Abraha and Atsbeha

Perhaps the earliest Hebraic people came to the land of Ethiopia during the time of the prolonged drought and famine in Canaan at the time of Abraham (1812-1637BC).
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Smartphones: Top Five Apps to Use for School Assignments

Smartphone Apps
Smartphone apps save you time and increase your productivity

Every new Smartphone app is created to assist you in some way, whether it’s to facilitate shopping, follow your favorite sports teams or check the weather forecast.

There are even apps to help you improve your learning experience. Such apps help you stay organized, reduce the amount of time you spend tracking down reading assignments and information, and help you complete higher-quality assignments.

Once you try the following apps, you may never start another semester without them.
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