Neil Armstrong Standing On The Moon

Astronaut Neil Armstrong (1930 — 2012) died on Saturday at the age of 82. He will be remembered as the first human to set foot on the moon, landing on July 20 1969.

The Apollo 11 mission came at the height of America’s Cold War with the Soviet Union. While the bloody Vietnam war was in full swing the moonwalk lifted Americans with a sense of euphoric achievement and a surge of patriotism. It is said that Armstrong managed to obtain his pilot’s license even before he got a car license. He had his first joyride in a plane at the tender age of 6. Just 32 years later he was standing on the moon.

Neil Armstrong standing on the surface of the moon
Astronaut Neil Armstrong standing on the surface of the moon — Credit: NASA/AFP/Getty Images (click to enlarge)

“I believe every human has a finite number of heartbeats. I don’t intend to waste any of mine.”
— Neil Armstrong

Pilot Neil Armstrong is seen next to the X-15
Pilot Neil Armstrong standing next to the X-15 — Credit: NASA Dryden Flight Research Center (click to enlarge)







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  1. kendall Avatar

    Anyone else going to miss this man? I know I will. He is a true inspiration to many.

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