Adriaan S de Lange Local South African Sculptor and Painter

South African artist Adriaan S. de Lange is featured here as a sculptor and painter who works in the countryside outside Stellenbosch in the Western Cape of South Africa. That’s just 150 kilometres from my home town, Hermanus. That means he’s a local in the broader scheme of things. Well, we like to think so, anyway.

“A distinguishing characteristic of his work is the photographic stillness with which he explores the serenity and reality present in his imagination. He possesses a technical facility that enables him to paint with precision and detail. The effect created with these extremely fine brush strokes is further enhanced by the attention he pays to colour, space and subject matter – thus creating a tangible yet serene world which serves as a starting point for the viewer when enjoying an artwork by him.”

Day on the beach
Day on the beach - Oil on canvas - 35 x 40cm

De Lange’s work for me has a quality that echo’s the ethereal and the attention to detail of some of my favourite artists including Hunderdwasser and Dali. De Lange was born and raised in Namibia in the small towns of the interior. His interest in the fine arts was kindled at an early age and he is largely self-taught.

The hidden road
The hidden road - Oil on canvas - 150 X 140cm

The choices
The choices - Oil on canvas - 150 x 170cm

Six balloons
Six balloons - Oil on canvas - 90 x 120cm

Good times
Good times - Oil on canvas - 120 x 150cm

The next step
The next step - Oil on canvas - 100 X 150cm

Sources: Six Balloons by Artvault; Splash Art & lifestyle Magazine

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