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Star Wars The Wedding

We’ve all heard of Star Wars the movie. How about Star Wars the wedding? “So for all you Star Wars fans, this ones for you” – Little Blue Lemon The intrepid couple pictured here commissioned Toronto-based Little Blue Lemon to create a very special wedding photo – being chased down the street by a terrifying […]

You Haven’t Returned Any Of My Messages

Know anyone that might be in line for an ‘attitude adjustment’ like this?

Summertime Crafting Fun

People look forward to spending time outdoors during the summer, but on days when it’s too hot to be outdoors, summertime crafting provides an alternative.

No One Should Have To Eat Alone On Christmas Day

No One Should Have To Eat Alone On Christmass Day. This hilarious advert is for Nando’s 6-pack meal a leading Fast Food Chicken outlet in South Africa with a reputation for controversial, entertaining adverts.

Hermanus Two Oceans Whale Festival Line Dancers Strut Their Stuff

In this short video clip the dancers, from Rythm-in-Line based in Hermanus, are strutting their stuff at the Two Oceans Hermanus Whale Festival 2011

Grid World Creator Flynn Is Played By Jeff Bridges In Tron Legacy

I admit it. I’m late to the game. The onslaught of 3D movies that hit the theaters last year was too much for me to keep up with. I wanted to see Tron Legacy when it came out, but you know how it goes; it is sold out the first weekend, the next weekend your […]

Neuromancer The Movie Natali To Start Shooting In 2012

William Gibson’s award-winning Science Fiction novel, Neuromancer, coined the term “Cyberspace” in 1984 before there was a cyberspace to speak of. It was the first SF novel to win the Nebula, Hugo, and Philip K. Dick Awards. According to /Film: “After years in development, Vincenzo Natali’s Neuromancer is finally moving forward. According to a press […]

Dame Elizabeth Taylor (1932 — 2011)

Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, DBE (27 February 1932 – 23 March 2011) died yesterday morning at the age of 79. “I never planned to acquire a lot of jewels or a lot of husbands. For me, life happened, just as it does for anyone else.” Oscar-winning actress and super-star, Elizabeth Taylor, starred in over 50 […]

Avatar Movies Trilogy in the Works

Avatar, like the Star Wars classic, looks set to become a ‘Trilogy’ with Avatar 2 and 3 in progress on the directors canvas. Just as the Star Wars franchise moved into the Star Wars Expanded Universe, as it is known, it seems that Avatar will follow suit. In this earlier post we explored Cameron’s plans […]

Deepest Sea Shoot for Avatar Sequel in the Marianas Trench

The author of Avatar, James Cameron, is assembling a team to dive to the bottom of the deepest sea. He is planning to shoot footage for a sequel to Avatar. The movie is set in the turbulent waters of Pandora, an alien moon, and it’s expected to hit the circuit in 2014. Cameron has commissioned Australian […]