Alexis Bester Local Artist Based In Tulbach South Africa

Piekniek-vlieers — oil on canvas 50 x 40cm — click to enlarge

I recently came accross the work of Alexis Bester, a full-time local artist, who lives and works on a farm near Tulbagh at the foot of the Witzenberg Mountains.

From the website kunste huijs:

His medium is mainly oil paint on either board or canvas. He draws his composition in charcoal and adds preliminary shades and colour by mixing paint and turpentine. The painting is then allowed to dry before he starts to work through the painting, applying paint only and mixing colours as needed. Alexis primarily uses flat brushes, but also uses round brushes, pallet knives and his fingers.

His work portrays a vivid imagination, the skillful use of bright colour and shadow, and an interesting combination of perspective with geometric forms. There is a gilded thread of vitality and energy and a playful, uplifting and child-like vision that sees mystery and wonder in the everyday experience (See 15 Images, or click here for Flickr slideshow).

The artist’s style is described as naive surrealism and shows a delightful focus on the positive. The many harlequin and clown images in his work speak to a personal and lifelong fascination with the circus and the performing arts.

Child on a zebra
Child on a zebra — oil on canvas — 50x50cm

Child with cat and rooster
Child with cat and rooster — oil on canvas — 50x50cm

Cottages and dog
Ladies of luxury — oil on canvas — 55x35cm — click any image to enlarge

A windy day
A windy day — oil on canvas — 30x30cm

Beach concerto
Beach concerto — oil on canvas — 30x30cm

London play park
London play park — oil on canvas — 50x50cm

Waterfront — oil on canvas — 50x50cm

Summer surf
Summer surf — oil on canvas — 55x35cm — click any image to enlarge

Ice creams at Melkbos
Ice creams at Melkbos — oil on canvas — 50x50cm

Timeless music
Timeless music — oil on canvas — 50x50cm

Young love
Young love — oil on canvas — 50x50cm

Darwin and the tree
Darwin and the tree — oil on canvas — 50x50cm

Maanlig dans
Maanlig dans — oil on canvas — 65x53cm

Searching — oil on canvas — 100x80cm — click on any image to enlarge

Sources: Alexis Bester; Robertson Art Gallery; kunste huijs; Dante Art Gallery; Oh!Art

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