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Archive of entries posted on May 2011

South Africa’s Democracy Still Has Some Growing Up To Do

According to a local South African government expert, people’s voting behaviour is evidence that local democracy has not matured some 17 years after the ANC was voted into power. The same under-performing political parties are constantly voted back in. Professor Jaap de Visser, of the University of Western Cape’s community law centre, said: “The country […]

Fish and Fishing in the Bot River Estuary

It seems that Fishing in the Bot River Estuary, one of the largest estuaries in the Cape Province, is not as straight forward as one would think. This vast expanse of water is the subject of a study carried out by researchers of the Department of Zoology at the University of Cape Town in the […]

So the World Didn’t End. Now What?

Source: The official Zapiro website

Late Afternoon Fishing On The Bot River Estuary

On this windless and sunny late-afternoon Friday the conditions look perfect for a lone fishing skiff on the Bot River Estuary. Seasonally, it opens to the sea and this ensures that a variety of fish spawn in the protected waters of the estuary. Follow the link to download a wallpaper resolution image of Late Afternoon […]

Adriaan S de Lange Local South African Sculptor and Painter

South African artist Adriaan S. de Lange is featured here as a sculptor and painter who works in the countryside outside Stellenbosch in the Western Cape of South Africa. That’s just 150 kilometres from my home town, Hermanus. That means he’s a local in the broader scheme of things. Well, we like to think so, […]

Neuromancer The Movie Natali To Start Shooting In 2012

William Gibson’s award-winning Science Fiction novel, Neuromancer, coined the term “Cyberspace” in 1984 before there was a cyberspace to speak of. It was the first SF novel to win the Nebula, Hugo, and Philip K. Dick Awards. According to /Film: “After years in development, Vincenzo Natali’s Neuromancer is finally moving forward. According to a press […]

Rhino Horn Doesn’t Do Anything Stop Killing Our Rhino

An innovative group of South African students has had enough! Rhino horn is keratin, the substance of hair and nails. It’s an inert substance that has no known effect on any known ailment. That’s a medically proven fact. “This is a message to the idiots who still use rhino horn for medicine. It doesn’t do […]

Cologne The City Where Love is Sealed With The Lock-Sign

I recently returned from a trip to Germany to visit a dear friend of mine. She lives in a very small village called Junkernhees (pronounced “Yun-kurn-hees”) which is about 10 minutes North of Siegen. Thousands of people visiting, or living in Cologne, have inscribed their name along with their loved ones into a lock and […]

Hong Kong 81-Year-Old Fights Off Teen Muggers

I came across this heart warming story about a brave 81-year-old man in Hong Kong who single-handedly fought off a gang of teenage muggers. Eight youths were arrested. A police official said: “They pushed him to the ground and tried to rob him. The man fought back and the gang ran away empty-handed. They are […]

Property: 3 Ways to Grant Legal Usage Rights

Today a client asked me an interesting question regarding the difference between a usufruct and a habitatio right that can be granted over a property when it is sold. In this example the seller would like to keep usage of one of the three garages situated on the property for a home fruit bottling and […]