Ethiopia: King Solomon The Queen Of Sheba And The Black Jews — Part 2

Ethiopian black Jews making aliyah or ascent or going up to the Land of Israel
Ethiopian black Jews making aliyah or 'ascent' or 'going up' to the Land of Israel

In Part 1 we tell the little known story, with roots that reach back to the time of Abraham, of the union of the great King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.

In Part 2 a promise is fulfilled. They are welcomed by the Jewish state, like prodigal sons returning to the land of Israel.

The first modern contact with the Ethiopian Jews was by Scottish explorer James Bruce, who was searching for the source of the Nile River.

Early one morning in the late 1940s, an elderly Ethiopian Jew stood with his young grandson at the top of a small mountain, waiting for sunrise. As the sun broke over the horizon, the old man, pointing toward the sun, said, “Remember, this is the way to Jerusalem.”
Shmarya Scott Rosenberg

When Bruce came upon the ancient Jewish community of Ethiopia at Gonder In 1769, many had the sign of the crucifix tattooed on their foreheads to signify their link, as messianic Jews, to Christianity. The Beta Israel population at that time was estimated to be about 100,000 souls.
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Cancer Treatment And Support What You Can Do If You Are Diagnosed

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Know what to do if you are diagnosed with cancer -- Image: Pink ribbon art by Robert Mobley of

More than one-third of us will develop cancer at least once in our lives, but a good portion of those diagnosed with cancer will have many years of full and productive life with and after the diagnosis. How you manage the myriad of emotions that accompany your diagnosis and treatment plays an important role in your health. You have the power to improve your prognosis. The following actions can help make cancer treatment and the journey to recovery easier.

Get Control of the Situation
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