Gold In The Sky At Sunset On The Bot River Estuary

Sunset On The Bot River Estuary
Sunset On The Bot River Estuary -- click to enlarge

Here on the southern tip of Africa it’s 7:50pm and the sun is sinking on the beautiful Bot River Estuary.

One can just make out the estuary mouth at extreme left on the horizon.

The estuary mouth remains closed to the sea for long periods, sometimes years, before it opens naturally to start a new breeding cycle for the many species of fish that populate the estuary.

Image: John L Bradfield

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Online Tools Help You Gain The Edge With Your Career Interview

The job market
Entering the Job Market for the first time, use online tools to help you gain the edge over your competition.

Entering the job market is a big step for a new graduate, and in this economy you need to stay on your toes to gain the edge over your competition. Fortunately, there are several ways to increase your chances of success at starting your new career.

Getting started
Begin by working on your resume to ensure it shows you in your best light. If you plan to write your own, study the most popular formats online or ask for guidance from your school’s career services department. Keep in mind that there are different formats for different positions, so you’ll need to know which one is appropriate.
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The Bottle of Le Good Life

The Bottle of le Good Life
The Bottle of le Good Life -- a poem by Anthony Smith.
Photograph by Anthony Smith (click to enlarge)

The beauty she possesses when she smiles with her eyes
Outshines the stars in the brightly lit night skies.
The ecstasy of her sultry eyes could not be compared
With the tranquillity of sunset and sunrise.

She is like an engine of beauty volted with love.
It’s just like finding a diamond in the rough.
She is like a beautiful dove that tempts me
Into something only sweeter than her love.

The clarity and soothness of her voice
Makes my heart pound without choice

She’s like a bottle of le Good life
Enriched with bubbles of sparkling personality.

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