Architects Design Transparent House in Tokyo – Could You Live In This?

This revolutionary design was commissioned by a Tokyo couple and was conceived by Japanese architects Sou Fujimoto

The footprint is just 914 sq ft (85 sq meters). The architects have managed to elegantly combine 21 floor plates positioned at various levels and connected by a system of stairs and ladders that create an easily accessible, light-filled space.

The house is surrounded by homes of a more conventional design in a quiet neighborhood of Tokyo. At night curtains provide some privacy as you’ll see in the short (3:27) video above (5 photographs).

Transparent House 1
Transparent House view 1
Transparent House 2
Transparent House view 2
Transparent House 2
Transparent House view 3
Tansparent House 4
Tansparent House view 4
Transparent House 5
Transparent House view 5

Source: Caroline of Design Milk

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