Wild Horses of the Bot River: New Kid On The Block

The Bot River Estuary lies on the Southern tip of Africa and is home to a magnificent herd of wild horses. It’s now low tide on the estuary with the river mouth in the background. These magnificent creatures are decended from cavalry stock released by the British administration after WWII.

According to the Cape Nature website, size for size, this 100 000 hectare UNESCO registered Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve is home to the most complex biodiversity on our planet. Here we have some 1880 different plant species and the next richest is the South American rainforest with just 420 species per 10000 square kilometres.

Bot River Wild Stallions are challening for leadership after “White Diamond” returns to the herd with his mare and a two-week-old foal. Watch for the kick at 48 seconds!

Wild Horses now peacefully roam the pristine banks of the Bot River Estuary, on the eastern border of the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve (see 7 Images or click here for Flickr slideshow).

Wild Horses rush to meet the new young member of the herd
3. Then the Rush
Wild Horses at the Bot River Estuary
2. at the Bot River Estuary

Bot River Wild Horses peaceful scene
1. Peaceful scene

Wild mares at the Bot River Estuary form at protective screen
5. The mares are forming a protective screen

Bot River Wild Horses meeting the new foal for the first time
4. Herd meeting up with the new foal, at centre

Bot River Wild Stallions challenge for leadership
6. Wild Stallions challenging for leadership— click any image to enlarge click here for YouTube video

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