Holiday Decorating With Real Trees

Should you use a real tree this Christmas?
Should you use a real tree this Christmas?

Outdoor and indoor holiday decorating are two completely different animals. Though both will allow you to spread a little holiday cheer, they each require different techniques and even completely different thought processes during preparation.

Indoor decorating and decor requires you to think about things like your Christmas tree and an indoor lighting pattern.

Outdoor decorating requires you to think about how you’re going to put up your lights and a wide variety of other aspects to make your house one of the best-looking ones on the block all season long.

Indoor Decorating: Artificial vs. Real Trees

Artificial and real trees both have a decent amount of advantages and disadvantages depending on your perspective. One of the main positives of artificial trees is that it is a one-time expense. Instead of combating inflation and rising Christmas tree prices year after year, you can purchase one artificial tree now and use it for the foreseeable future. You also won’t have to think about things like how much gas you’ll spend driving from tree lot to tree lot looking for that perfect specimen.

The obvious downside of a real Christmas tree is one of maintenance. Real trees have to be consistently watered and cared for to make sure that they actually survive the season in one piece. Real trees also have a tendency to leave needles, sap and even water all over your living room. None of these aspects exactly conjure up the image of a happy holiday. Additionally, real trees have the potential to catch fire from faulty lighting. That is one downside that you wouldn’t experience with an artificial trees, as those types of trees are commonly flame retardant.

Outdoor Decorating: Traditional vs. Contemporary Styles

Pick a theme for your holiday decorations
Pick a theme for your holiday decorations

Decorating the outside of your home requires you to think long and hard about which styles you want to experiment with this year. On one hand, you have a very traditional style that looks like something out of an old painting. The “traditional” view of outdoor holiday decorations can include things like lights, wreaths and even outdoor Christmas trees. Large holiday decorations designed purely for display depicting classic holiday images like Santa Clause can also be used on your front lawn or even on your roof.

Many contemporary decorating styles focus on simplicity. Just because a design is simple doesn’t mean that it can’t be elegant. Planters filled with fresh, seasonal flowers, for example, are a great way to spread holiday cheer and make sure your home looks good while you do it. Additionally, things like ornaments and garlands can be placed in key positions throughout your yard – like on any railings that you may have leading up to your front door or on various paths that may be present. All of these elements can give a simple, unified appearance to your yard and still make it stand out among the rest in the area.

It’s also important to pick a theme for your outdoor holiday decorations. Picking a theme allows all of the decorations in your yard to actually fit together as a cohesive whole. The design itself becomes the decoration, as opposed to having a bunch of random items scattered around your yard that don’t really look like they fit together. By following these tips, you can make sure you have one of the best looking homes in the area all season long.

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