Cancer Related Fatigue Awareness Month for Patients

Chocolate may ease symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome
Chocolate may ease symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome: research -- Source: The Telegraph

We’re halfway through the month of December, which has been designated as Cancer Related Fatigue Awareness Month. Most cancer patients and their families know that the treatments for cancer, as well as the disease itself, can take a serious toll on a person’s energy level. For patients fighting cancer during the holidays, being aware of the signs of fatigue can be especially important.

“Chocolate may ease symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome: research – Source: The Telegraph

While feeling completely drained of energy can be a symptom of cancer and its treatment, being fatigued for a lengthy period of time can lead to other issues, like depression. But identifying the causes and working with a doctor can help cancer patients work toward feeling like themselves again.
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Botswana Guitar Fretting Technique You Have To See

This technique is straight out of Africa.

Botswana is an independent, democratic, African country on South Africa’s border.

Formerly it was known as the British Protectorate of Bechuanaland.

Source: Boing Boing

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Hermanus Based Artist Terry Kobus Lighthouse at Danger Point

Danger Point Lighthouse
Dangerpoint Caretaker -- oil on wood -- artisit Terry Kobus

An exercise in stillness, this superb oil-on-wood study of a the famous Overberg historical landmark “Dangerpoint Caretaker” painted by Hermanus based local artist Terry Kobus.

Terry and some of his works have been featured in an earlier post on this website. Most paintings, in the artist’s own words . .

“. . capture moments in time away from big city in the grasslands of the Drakensberg and Transkei and along the beaches of the Western Cape.”

For me this painting is no exception and beautifully captures the deep tranquillity, the stillness, of the landscape in this beautiful part of the coast near Gansbaai and Hermanus.

Danger Point Lighthouse was built in 1895. Danger Point was named Ponte de Sao Brandao by Bartholomew Dias on 16 May 1488. The light house received its name because of the treacherous reef and submerged rocks which make this a very hazardous passage for ships hugging the coast. The tower itself has an interesting octagonal construction.

You can find Terry at work most days in his studio at the Originals Gallery in Hermanus. It’s right in the heart of the waterfront area of Hermanus and it’s also known as a very popular destination for land-based whale-watching tourists.

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Social Media Networks over the Holidays

Social media networks
Social media networks may be key to lifting sales over the holidays

This holiday season is shaping up to be a lucrative one for retailers, both online and in brick-and-mortar stores.

A record-breaking number of consumers shopped on Black Friday, and the amount spent per person increased to nearly $400, from last year’s $366 per person.

To keep up with the increased sales this December, online merchants must ensure that their order fulfilment capabilities are sufficient to handle more orders than usual. Customers choosing an online retailer often look for quick delivery and affordable shipping.

If your business can offer competitive ordering and shipping services, more customers will decide to make their purchases from you.
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Rhino Horn Poaching Massacre Reaches Record Levels

The African white rhino
The African white rhino adults in this photo appear to have been de-horned as a protective measure --click to enlarge

The number of rhino poached in South Africa increased to more than 400 in the 2010-11 financial year, according to the South African National Parks.

In a 22 percent increase on the 2010 figure, the tally of rhino killed for their horns has risen to 405. A staggering 229 rhino were killed in the Kruger National Park alone. The Kruger is one of the worlds largest game parks, roughly the size of Israel. The open borders of the park link reserve areas in Zimbabwe and Mozambique to form the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park. Poachers can enter and leave with ease.

More than 90% of the worlds white rhino are found in South Africa. White rhino are more numerous than the black rhino. There is no colour difference between the two species. The Dutch named the white rhino the “Weid mond rhino”, meaning “wide-mouth rhino”. The English interpreted “weid” to mean “white”, and thus the modern name is due to a simple misinterpretation of the Dutch name.
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Law Enforcement Work — Careers Outside the Box

Police Dispatch Centre
Police Dispatch room, the nerve centre of operations

The proliferation of television shows known as “procedurals” has exposed the general public to the existence of law enforcement activities that support front-line policing. Television has brought the once obscure world of behind-the-scenes law enforcement activities into the world’s living rooms.

From shows like CSI and NCIS, fields directly related to law enforcement have become more appealing to a wider segment of the population. Though many of the supporting jobs are entry level, a growing number do require advanced education such as a criminal justice degree. For support positions that analyse process and coordinate the work of the street-level police officer, an investment in schooling can lead to a position many might not consider.
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No One Should Have To Eat Alone On Christmas Day

This hilarious TV advert is for Nando’s 6-pack meal featuring Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe — note the retouched painting of Napoleon behind him.

Keep an eye out for Muamar Gadhafi, Sadam Hussein, Mao Zedong, Nicolae Ceausescu and Idi Amin.

Nando’s is the leading Fast Food Chicken outlet in South Africa and the chain has a reputation for controversial and entertaining adverts.

Recently they satirised the ebbing fortunes of of Julius Malema, the leader of the ANCYL (the youth league) who has just been expelled from the African National Congress. The advert has the punch-line “Juju, you’ve been served.”

According to a statement on Nando’s website: “Needless to say Nando’s ads have been the centre of some heated topics of conversation. We’ve also won a lot of advertising awards along the way and they’ve been fantastic!”

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7 Types of Home Owner’s Insurance You Need to Know About

Home Insurance
Home insurance can save your investment one day

If you own a home or are thinking of buying one, home owner’s insurance is a necessary evil and can even save your investment one day. But there are many different types of policies out there that can be confusing to the average home owner.

Below, we have gathered seven different kinds of home owner’s insurance to help you make sense of it all.

1. Basic
The liability coverage of the home owning insurance world is the basic. This type of policy covers only the basics but includes items such as fire, wind-storms, theft, and even volcanic eruption.
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World Heading For Population Of 7 Billion — Really?

Street scene in Kowloon, Hong Kong
Street scene in Kowloon, Hong Kong -- click to enlarge

The latest global population projections, published by the United Nations a few weeks ago, predict that the world will be teeming with 10.1 billion people by 2100. This is a billion more than previously estimated. Once again, there’s talk of a ticking population time bomb. No one knows if the world can sustain that many people.

Not everyone agrees with this scenario. The United States Census Bureau, which also employs sophisticated mechanisms to predict population levels, forecasts that the seven billion mark won’t be reached till next year, on the 12th of March, 2012.

So why did the UN estimate choose October 31, 2011? Why does their projection differ from the other available predictions? The truth is that a closer look at the assumptions behind the UN calculations shows that there may be perverse and contradictory reasons to blame. Many believe that it looks more like a political construct than a scientific analysis.
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Baby Elephant And Mother In Dramatic Rescue From The Mud

The elephants inspect the mother and daughter
The elephants inspect the mother and daughter

Just two weeks ago in the wilds near Kapani Safari Lodge, in the Luanga Valley, Zambia, a group of tourists came across this amazing sight. A hopelessly trapped baby elephant and her mother.

The Kapani lagoon, where the baby elephant and her mother were trapped, is nearly dry and very sticky at this time of year. The Kapani Lagoon is a source of drinking water for the animals of the area, as well as the place to go for a relieving mud bath.

The elephants had gone to bathe and the baby became ensnared. The mother elephant, attracted by the cries of the baby, also sank into the mire and became trapped as well. The rest of the elephant herd had initially tried to help the screaming mother and baby escape, but they were stuck too deeply. The herd quickly retreated when the rescuers arrived (9 photographs).
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