Top 5 Tips for Selling Your Property Faster

Maximise your prospects of selling fast, at the best possible price, with these Top 5 Tips.

Selling your home is not like selling anything else you own. Suddenly, your private domain will be open to public scrutiny. Strangers will be tramping through your home, evaluating your decor and assessing your housekeeping skills.

The faster you can get your home sold, the quicker this unpleasant process will be over with.

Quick fixes before selling always pay off. Mammoth makeovers, not so much; you won’t get your money back.

Before putting your property up for sale, it’s important to be objective and see your property through a potential buyer’s eyes.

In a declining real estate market where supply outstrips demand, sellers need to get some basics right, the first time around — or prepare for a long and frustrating time on the market.

Here are 5 things you can do maximise your prospects of selling fast, at the best possible price:
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Mandela: 15 Pearls of Wisdom

Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela – Photo: Carlo Allegri/Staff/Getty Images

Mr. Mandela is one of the most politically gifted individuals of all time and one of the most admired men in history.

Together with other brave South Africans, he helped engineer the first peaceful, non-violent revolution in the history of the world.

In Africa there is a concept known as ubuntu – the profound sense that we are human only through the humanity of others; that if we are to accomplish anything in this world it will in equal measure be due to the work and achievements of others.
-— Nelson Mandela, 2008

As an anti-apartheid activist, he was tried for treason and imprisoned for 27 years. Mr. Mandela was the first South African President to be elected in a fully representative democratic election. He served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999.

The great man’s leadership style is embodied in a stunning new book by Time editor Richard Stengel: Fifteen Lessons on Life, Love and Courage (Crown). Here are Madiba’s 15 life lessons, from the book:
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Holiday Decorating With Real Trees

Should you use a real tree this Christmas?
Should you use a real tree this Christmas?

Outdoor and indoor holiday decorating are two completely different animals. Though both will allow you to spread a little holiday cheer, they each require different techniques and even completely different thought processes during preparation.

Indoor decorating and decor requires you to think about things like your Christmas tree and an indoor lighting pattern.

Outdoor decorating requires you to think about how you’re going to put up your lights and a wide variety of other aspects to make your house one of the best-looking ones on the block all season long.
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Local South African Artist Hannetjie de Clercq

#1 untitled - Tempera on canvas 305x230mm
#1 untitled – Tempera on canvas 305x230mm – click any image to enlarge

Recently I came across fabulous local South African artist Hannetjie De Clercq. She lives and works in the quiet and peace of Riebeek-Kasteel, a rural town in the Western Cape of South Africa just 85 kilometres (53 miles) north-east of Cape Town. Take the N7 highway to get there.

“She feels that an over explanation of her work would render it impotent and therefore does not title her work. For her, the beauty of art is in the interaction of the viewers with their subjective personal view with a specific painting, to find meaning in the imagery.”
Hannetjie de Clercq website

The artist has a unique style, strongly sensual and inspired by middle-age frescoes and icons. The preferred medium is mainly tempera and also oils and watercolours on canvas and board. As you can see from the excerpt above, all her work is untitled (see 13 images or click here for Flickr slideshow).
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Use Volunteer Work to Jump-Start a New Career

Use Volunteer Work
Volunteer Work is a great way to jump-start a new career

For anyone looking to switch careers or get their first one rolling, getting your foot in the door is often one of the toughest challenges.

Many industries and lines of work offer murky guidelines and pathways for novices looking to get experience and establish themselves in the industry.

In some cases, it can be hard to get a job without any experience in that field, and this can quickly create a paradox in which you need a job to get experience, but you also need experience to get a job.
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Sunset On The Bot River Estuary

Sunset on the Bot River Estuary
Sunset on the Bot River Estuary – click to enlarge

Just minutes after sunset and two hours after high tide, the skiff in the middle distance lies in shallow water about 50 meters (165 feet) off the shore line.

The estuary mouth is on the horizon to the left. Another beautiful sunset in paradise!

The Bot River Estuary lies on the southern coast of South Africa, in the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve, 160 kilometers (100 miles) north-east of Cape Town.

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Top 7 Tips For First Time Home Buyers

Top 7 Tips for Buying Your First Home
With the right preparation, your first home buying experience can be both pleasant and rewarding.

Is ‘now’ the right time for you to take the plunge and purchase your first home?

The process can be intimidating, particularly if you’re not prepared. With some basic groundwork you can improve the odds that your first purchase will be a pleasant and rewarding experience.

Here are some important issues to consider before jumping in.

7. Have a budget and know how to use it
New buyers often underestimate the hidden costs involved with owning a home. Home ownership comes with a number of new expenses, so good money-management skills are an essential must-have.
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You Haven’t Returned Any Of My Messages


Know anyone that might be in line for an ‘attitude adjustment’ like this?

Best comment: Oct 24, 2012
“It’s important to staple firmly against the skull, in order to properly bend the staples! ”
— jo_jo_ba


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Filling Your Cup Of Life: Five Benefits Of Volunteering Time Abroad

Volunteering to work in a foreign country can be an eye-opening experience

In the rat race to finish at the top of your class and become a leader in your industry, it’s easy to lose sight of the values found in any effort or experience that doesn’t directly move you closer to those goals. You’ll hear plenty of reasons why a summer internship is the best thing for your career, but you’ll have a harder time finding someone to urge you to go off the beaten path.

What many fail to realize is that the road to success is rarely straight. Furthermore, what those around you may prescribe as the best ways to advance your career may not be the best for you in particular.

After all, your goal shouldn’t be to pass through your educational and professional experiences like a piece of equipment on an assembly line. You should aspire to become an individual, and to do so through a background that distinguishes you from everyone else.
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Green Ways To Wash Your Car

Green Ways to Wash Your Car
Green Ways to Wash Your Car

What’s the most eco-friendly way to wash your car? According to some experts, it’s the automatic car wash, which runs vehicles through an efficient series of cleaning processes and minimizes water use and chemical run-off.

But there are additional risks that come with automatic car washes. The dirt and grime from other vehicles can stick to some of the cleaning mechanisms in an automatic car wash and scratch your paint.

Car washes that use brushes instead of pressurized water washing systems could also damage your car, if the brushes aren’t properly maintained.
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