Rhino Horn Doesn’t Do Anything Stop Killing Our Rhino

An innovative group of South African students has had enough! Rhino horn is keratin, the substance of hair and nails. It’s an inert substance that has no known effect on any known ailment. That’s a medically proven fact.

“This is a message to the idiots who still use rhino horn for medicine. It doesn’t do anything, stop using it, stop killing our rhino!”

This four-minute video takes us through their quest, to collect human hair and nails, and deliver the harvested keratin to the Chinese embassy, to protest the slaughter of over 150 Rhinos so far this year. Last years total was 330 Rhinos. So at this point the total is already up on last years tally.

Early in April we posted this report on a South African criminal syndicate that was busted for poaching Rhino horn. A prominent local South African businessman and two Veterinarians were implicated.

Source: News 24
Video: RodneyTheRhino on YouTube

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