Neuromancer The Movie Natali To Start Shooting In 2012

Neuromancer movie
Vincenzo Natili's screen adaptation of Neuromancer to be Filmed in Canada, Istanbul, Tokyo, and London -- Image: /Film

William Gibson’s award-winning Science Fiction novel, Neuromancer, coined the term “Cyberspace” in 1984 before there was a cyberspace to speak of. It was the first SF novel to win the Nebula, Hugo, and Philip K. Dick Awards.

According to /Film:

“After years in development, Vincenzo Natali’s Neuromancer is finally moving forward. According to a press release, the film has secured sales from distributors at Cannes and visual effects work has already begun. Filming will begin in 2012 with locations in Canada, Istanbul, Tokyo, and London.”

Vincenza Natali’s Neuromancer is a screen adaptation of William Gibson’s visionary book of the same name. David Chen interviewed Natali in 2010 who described his vision for the film like this:

“For me, it’s a story of redemption, if you want to get down to the core element of it. I think in terms of how you approach Neuromancer now, post-Matrix, post-all the other films that have poached from it, in the 21st century (because the book was written in 1984), I think you have to take those things and use them to your advantage, because what they give you, what The Matrix, for instance, gives you is the opportunity to make Neuromancer in a culture that is already aware of what The Matrix is. I mean, the very word ‘matrix’ is in Neuromancer.

In this review James Schellenberg’s outline captures the tale of Case, a cyberpunk warrior, that might have been styled in the mould of Matrix, which of course came later:

“The story of Neuromancer is a joy to follow through its twists and turns. It’s probably easier to summarize now than it was twenty years ago, as the future has caught up to the present in many ways. Case is an interface cowboy (as the back cover puts it), but he’s spiralling down in self-destruction in the crime-ridden sprawl of Tokyo. He stole from his previous employers, and they burned the ability to jack into cyberspace out of him. That’s the kind of world Case lives in. He gets what looks like a promising second chance when he’s hired by Armitage, who has the wealth to rebuild Case’s body. “

Natali is excited about making the movie. In crafting his translation of the book for film he says he had to work backwards from the “ambiguous and undefined” ending to make the movie version of the story work. For Natali that means his creation will stay faithful to the book. Neuromancer is in pre-production now. Does that sound promising, or what?

Source: /Film

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