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Road Trips: 7 Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained

Road trips are an iconic part of family life. Long, lazy hours spent on the road heading towards a fun attraction, distant relatives, or a long vacation not only provides a great time to relax but a better time to bond with family. While mom and dad may like the long trips, kids can quickly […]

5 Family-Friendly Adventure Sports Near Cape Town

There’s so much for families to do in and around Cape Town that you’ll be spoilt for choice, and the activities mentioned here are just the tip of the iceberg.

Use Volunteer Work to Jump-Start a New Career

Providing service to needy individuals and organizations with Volunteer Work can provide a sense of fulfillment that’s hard to find in the working world

Filling Your Cup Of Life: Five Benefits Of Volunteering Time Abroad

Volunteering will take you out of your comfort zone, can help you to become a better communicator and may create numerous networking opportunities for you

Cologne The City Where Love is Sealed With The Lock-Sign

I recently returned from a trip to Germany to visit a dear friend of mine. She lives in a very small village called Junkernhees (pronounced “Yun-kurn-hees”) which is about 10 minutes North of Siegen. Thousands of people visiting, or living in Cologne, have inscribed their name along with their loved ones into a lock and […]