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5 Tips For Using Google Glass In The Classroom

Google Glass in the classroom
Google Glass has the potential to be a brilliant teaching aid in the classroom

Google Glass has already been recognized for its potential in radically changing the way we’ll teach in the future.

With Google Glass, teachers can make their own mini-documentaries in order to enhance the storytelling in the classroom

Here are some possible methods of using Google Glass in the classroom, helping both students and teachers to make the learning process smoother, more diversified and captivating.

Before delving further into the potential of Google Glass in assisting classroom activities, it’s necessary to get a grasp of its technical functions and how they relate to our physicality, such as eyeball movements.

This insightful infographic from Edudemic should do the trick.
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3D Printing at Home: Is it Practical or a Fad?

3D Printing
Soon 3D Food printing may become a possibility

The allure of 3D printing has many scrambling to the Internet, ready to purchase one of these incredible devices.

The prospect of creating anything your imagination can develop has an immense amount of support and ranks pretty high on the “coolness” factor scale.

NASA hopes to imitate Star Trek’s food replicator for in-flight food production on inter-planetary missions

With all of its glory, is it really that practical a purchase for the average Joe for home use? While 3D printing can have endless possibilities, users are still restricted by their own limitations.
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Search Select Five Or More Search Engines For Better Results

Search Engines
Search Engine selection can help you generate more relevant Search Results

In the Information Age the word Google has entered the common lexicon. Need an answer? Google it. A mobile instant mine. Information now. It’s taken for granted; everything, everywhere all the time.

We effortlessly pull up literally millions of records on any topic. The data is searchable and filtered in real time using Google’s sophisticated state-of-the-art algorithms. Depending on the search term used, most of the time we get relevant results. Many, many results.

There is simply so much information coming at us so quickly that the tools we have to process the data flow can seem inadequate at times. One way to leverage the built-in power of available tools Continue reading Search Select Five Or More Search Engines For Better Results

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Smartphones: Top Five Apps to Use for School Assignments

Smartphone Apps
Smartphone apps save you time and increase your productivity

Every new Smartphone app is created to assist you in some way, whether it’s to facilitate shopping, follow your favorite sports teams or check the weather forecast.

There are even apps to help you improve your learning experience. Such apps help you stay organized, reduce the amount of time you spend tracking down reading assignments and information, and help you complete higher-quality assignments.

Once you try the following apps, you may never start another semester without them.
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Social Media Networks over the Holidays

Social media networks
Social media networks may be key to lifting sales over the holidays

This holiday season is shaping up to be a lucrative one for retailers, both online and in brick-and-mortar stores.

A record-breaking number of consumers shopped on Black Friday, and the amount spent per person increased to nearly $400, from last year’s $366 per person.

To keep up with the increased sales this December, online merchants must ensure that their order fulfilment capabilities are sufficient to handle more orders than usual. Customers choosing an online retailer often look for quick delivery and affordable shipping.

If your business can offer competitive ordering and shipping services, more customers will decide to make their purchases from you.
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Drone That Crashed Inside Pakistan – Is It The Festo SmartBird?

Alleged US spy drone
The alleged US spy drone that crashed into Pakistani territory last week looks suspiciously like the Festo SmartBird Robot

An alleged US spy drone crashed into Pakistani territory last week.

Strangely, it looks like nothing seen in that theatre before. Stranger still, it looks a lot like the Festo SmartBird Robot that was featured on this website in March this year.

The thing is, there are some significant differences. For one thing the Festo SmartBird flaps it’s wings while the drone that crashed in Pakistan is thought to have had some form of propulsion — like a propeller perhaps.

According to an Express 24/7 correspondent, Mohamamd Kazim, the drone was surveying the border when it crashed near the Pishin Scouts Frontier Corps Base compound in Chaman, 300 meters inside the Pakistani-Afghani border (5 Photographs).
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SmartBird Robot Design That Flies Like a Bird

The SmartBird is designed by leading-edge German company Festo. SmartBird is a remarkable and amazing marriage between Biology and Machine.

One of the most enduring of engineering challenges, a call that once inspired the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci, has been met: the quest to create a machine to successfully mimic the complex wing movements of birds and in the process achieve flight.

Now for the first time this dream has been adequately fulfilled. The SmartBird elegantly reproduces the wing movements of birds with a brilliant concept. The result is an astonishing creation that can take off, fly and land autonomously, and achieve this with an unprecedented efficiency in flight operation. Continue reading SmartBird Robot Design That Flies Like a Bird

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Pages Loading Faster With Optimised HTML Code

Optimise page loading times for more Page Impressions
Optimise page loading times for more Page Impressions
Site News

Two days ago I made this wonderful discovery. Now, as a relative newcomer, I realise that this may be yesterdays news to some of the more experience HTML coders. Simply put, this is a way of optimising your HTML code so that your pages load faster.

A lot faster.

In my case working through 10 000 words of HTML code, re-writing and re-ordering parts of it where necessary, for two days — that probably doesn’t sound like much fun. The effort was well spent. The goal was to shrink all the page images. By using smaller, lighter images the overall page load time of each page is greatly reduced. This is particularly noticeable on image intensive pages. High resolution images only load after you click a link. This might sound obvious but it’s an aspect that is often neglected. Continue reading Pages Loading Faster With Optimised HTML Code

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RAM How To Boot Test Diagnose and Replace It — Part-2

Fig.1. RAM Card, 2GB DDR2 800MHz. You should avoid touching the gold connectors.
In this post we do a walk-through of the process of installing new RAM. The first post explored how to diagnose faulty RAM.

RAM that is faulty will occasionally cause your system to reboot. To correct this problem the RAM must be replaced.

Now, if you’ve got this far then you you know that my system occasionally reboots without warning. You know that I have established that malware is not to blame. No known driver issues and I’ve even made peace with the fact that my RAM failed me.

In Fig.1 at right is a top and bottom view of the replacement RAM card, 2GB DDR2 rated at 800MHz. You should take care not to touch the gold connectors, and rather handle the card by it’s short edges. For the replacement RAM I went to a local supplier here in Hermanus. You can find them online here.

Juan-Pierre of Matrix Wharehouse says: “It’s a 2GB DDR2 PC6400 RAM module that runs at an effective speed of 800Mhz. The actual speed of the memory is 400Mhz, but because it is DDR RAM, it is doubled as the transfer rate is doubled as well. Also, you will get a higher transfer rate if you connect two of the same memory modules, therefore giving you dual channel transfer speeds.”

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RAM How To Boot Test Diagnose and Replace It

Grub menu
Fig.1 Dual boot Windows / Ubuntu + Memtest 86
You will hear these words, or at least think about them, when next you experience faulty RAM components. This can happen to you.

Random and without warning are four words that you do not want to hear used with computing terms like “shutdown” and particularly and ironically not together with the words “Random Access Memory” or RAM.

Just recently my computer has started occasionally rebooting spontaneously without perceivable cause. My motivation for fixing this problem is based on Van Haelen’s 3rd proposition, which, as you are no doubt aware, is based on premise that this reboot will happen right before you have saved your work and right after you have entered some critically important data, which will now be gone. The well known rider to this proposition is that the random reboot will never happen when you are playing Spider Solitaire or similar. Here’s my experience with diagnosing the problem and replacing the faulty RAM. Continue reading RAM How To Boot Test Diagnose and Replace It

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