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Hebrew of the Torah and the Christian Bible

Hebrew is the essential ingredient in the creation of the Christian Bible, and a knowledge of Hebrew is fundamental to an understanding of the Holy Scriptures

Ethiopia: King Solomon The Queen Of Sheba And The Black Jews — Part 2

Under the Jewish Law of Return, over a period of 60 years, nearly 80000 black Ethiopian Jews return to the land of Israel, their spiritual home.

Ethiopia: King Solomon The Queen Of Sheba And The Black Jews — Part 1

Ethiopian black Jews converted to Christianity believing that the messiah was Christ and, as Judeo-Christians and black Jews, saw no contradiction with the Old Testament

Jewish Passover and Christian Easter: What Do They Have In Common?

It is a little known fact that, in the early Eastern Christian churches, the timing of the celebration of Easter was based on the date of the Jewish Passover. According to ancient records Jesus was crucified just before Passover. The famous last supper was the day before that. While the sacrificial lambs were being slaughtered […]

Psalm 117 the Shortest Psalm in the Bible

Some noteworthy and remarkable facts are floating around in my head regarding Psalm 117. In my research for this post I discovered a fair number of divergent opinions on the exact number of verses and chapters in the Bible. There are many good reasons for this — including the many variations of modern translations of […]

Was 3 BC Venus “Star of Wonder” the Real Christmas Star?

A week ago, one morning after a restless night, I was up before dawn. There in the predawn blue-black sky was a burning “star”. So startling in it’s intensity and so bright it was that it seemed unreal. I stared at it for a long time thinking that I had never seen anything quite so […]