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Choose The Right Estate Agent to Sell Your Property With These 5 Tests

Sellers often choose an estate agent that charges the lowest fee or gives the highest valuation. Rather make a choice based on these 5 simple tests.

Top 5 Tips for Selling Your Property Faster

In a market where supply outstrips demand, sellers need to get some basics right first time around, or prepare for a long and frustrating time on the market.

Top 7 Tips For First Time Home Buyers

With some basic groundwork you can improve the odds that your first purchase will be a pleasant and rewarding experience.

Your Home Insurance Policy: What You Need to Know

If your home burned to the ground tomorrow — do you have the right homeowners insurance policy to cover you for the total cost of replacing your home?

Architects Design Transparent House in Tokyo – Could You Live In This?

The footprint is just 914 sq ft (85 sq meters). The design elegantly combines 21 floor plates positioned at various levels and connected by stairs and ladders

14-Year-Old Real Estate Investor Buys Bank Repossessed Home

14-Year-old Willow Tufano from Florida bought a $100,000 value, 2-bedroom, home with her mother, a Florida real estate agent, on a half-share basis for $12,000

7 Types of Home Owner’s Insurance You Need to Know About

If you own a home or are thinking of buying one, home owner’s insurance is a necessary evil and can save your investment one day. Here’s 7 types to choose from.

7 Reasons Why Buying Is Better Than Renting A Home In This Market

You may be a home-owner who needs to sell first or you might be a first time home buyer. Here are seven reasons why buying now may be better than renting

7 Reasons Why Private Sellers Should Not Be Selling Their Homes

At first glance, selling your home privately can seem like an attractive proposition. You’ll save the agents commission, right? In fact many private sellers are home owners in financial trouble, and are hoping to avoid paying the agents fee in order to clear an outstanding mortgage loan without “paying in”. The reality is that many […]

Top 10 Tips for Buying A Bank Repossessed Property

One of the advantages for buyers of property in the current economic climate in South Africa is the increased availability of Bank Repossessed homes on the market. When borrowers default on the payment terms of the mortgage loan, eventually this will lead to legal action by attorneys instructed by the mortgage holder. A judgement is […]