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Tanning Bed Exposure For Vitamin Goodness And Health Benefits

Tanning Bed
Tanning Beds have health benefits that can help with a variety of ailments such as osteoporosis and certain cancers

A trip to the tanning bed has been a normal part of the routine for many seeking beautiful tan skin — especially in the summer months when swimsuits become a mainstay!

But tanning beds are also a source of debate due to their potential health implications.

At the beginning of the year a Canadian law passed prohibiting those under the age of eighteen from using a tanning bed. The health risks associated with continued use was the source of the law, many claiming that minors should not be able to choose to use a product that might have a detrimental impact on their health in years to come.
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Multiple Myeloma Tests And Treatment

Multiple myeloma is signified by a burgundy ribbon, like breast cancer is signified by a pink ribbon.

A firefighter fights for his life. And wins This short video (1:04 mins) is Kevin Hunt’s courageous story, a successful fight back from Multiple Myeloma — Source: Indiana University Health

Multiple myeloma is a cancer in which plasma cells form tumors in the bone because the cells grow too quickly. While the body attempts to fight the tumors, it’s difficult for the bone marrow to create healthy platelets and blood cells. This cancer also causes anemia, which can in turn cause abnormal bleeding. Multiple myeloma also makes it easier for a person to develop infections.
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Website Happy First Birthday Chocolate Cake Surprise Delight

Website Happy First Birthday Chocolate Cake Surprise Delight
Website Happy First Birthday Chocolate Cake Surprise Delight -- lasted less than 24 hours.

The special woman in my life, who happens to be my dear wife, has once again managed to confirm a persistent suspicion of mine — it happens a lot — that she has a heart of gold and is descended from angels.

Yesterday was the first anniversary of the launch of this website. Exactly one year ago, yesterday, this website made it’s first tentative post as the site went live.

On this special day the delicious mouth-watering chocolate cake that you see here, bedecked with lone candle, did not last long.

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South African Mountain Biker Gets Taken Out By Red Hartebeest Antelope

“It was being in the right place at the right time and Evan being in the wrong place at the wrong time – one of those moments. It was freaky. I saw it coming closer so I braked, [I] thought it would go in between the gap. It hit him, lifted him off the ground, [and he] landed in the grass . . [he] started making weird noises and I didn’t know what to do.”
— team-mate Travis Walker

Mountain Biker, Evan van der Spuy of Team Jeep South Africa, was riding in second place in a race near Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, and travelling at top speed when a male red hartebeest antelope – estimated to weigh 150 kilograms (330 pounds) and about 1.3 metres (4.25 feet) tall at the shoulders – suddenly charged straight at him and hurled itself into him.

His helmet imploded and he was briefly knocked unconscious on impact. He was taken to hospital where he spent the night under observation. Fortunately he suffered no serious injuries and was discharged the next morning.

Source: News 24

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Pages Loading Faster With Optimised HTML Code

Optimise page loading times for more Page Impressions
Optimise page loading times for more Page Impressions
Site News

Two days ago I made this wonderful discovery. Now, as a relative newcomer, I realise that this may be yesterdays news to some of the more experience HTML coders. Simply put, this is a way of optimising your HTML code so that your pages load faster.

A lot faster.

In my case working through 10 000 words of HTML code, re-writing and re-ordering parts of it where necessary, for two days — that probably doesn’t sound like much fun. The effort was well spent. The goal was to shrink all the page images. By using smaller, lighter images the overall page load time of each page is greatly reduced. This is particularly noticeable on image intensive pages. High resolution images only load after you click a link. This might sound obvious but it’s an aspect that is often neglected. Continue reading Pages Loading Faster With Optimised HTML Code

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