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5 Good Reasons to Learn to Speak a Second Language

Adding a second language to your skill set, whether for employment or enjoyment, will enhances your abilities to conduct yourself in varying circumstances.

Hebrew of the Torah and the Christian Bible

Hebrew is the essential ingredient in the creation of the Christian Bible, and a knowledge of Hebrew is fundamental to an understanding of the Holy Scriptures

Search Select Five Or More Search Engines For Better Results

The word Google has entered the common lexicon. Need an answer? Google it.for information now. Use the power of multiple search engines to improve your results

Gold In South Africa And The Ancient Indian Connection

Like most South Africans I learnt that the history of gold in Southern Africa started with the arrival of European explorers. The truth may be very different.

Quotation Mark And Space After Period: Rules You Should Know About

Have you ever wondered, like me, if one or two spaces should come after a period in a sentence? Well, we are not alone. Apparently there is a dichotomy of opinion on this issue. Strongly held views are asserted by each camp. For the one-spacers, Farhad Manjoo puts it best: “Typing two spaces after a period […]

Language of Afrikaans and Khoisan Two of 24 Spoken in South Africa

Not many people know that 24 living languages are spoken in South Africa today. Of these, according to some estimates, Afrikaans is spoken by around 23 million people, or 46% of the population of nearly 50 million people. At the other end of the scale, an almost extinct Khoisan language known by various names, including Ng’uki, […]