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Native Peoples Contribution to Modern America: More Than Warriors

Native Americans are a proud, fascinating and diverse group of people. Though there are hundreds of stories told of their proficiency in battle, unforgivable treatment at the hands of white settlers and fables of their nature-based spiritualism, there aren’t nearly enough shared that comment on their contributions to Americans’ modern experience. Mostly lost to time, […]

Mandela: 15 Pearls of Wisdom

Mandela’s “15 Pearls of Wisdom” is delivered by the most politically gifted individual ever and the most admired in history. He helped engineer the first peaceful, non-violent revolution in history

Neil Armstrong Standing On The Moon

Astronaut Neil Armstrong (1930 — 2012) died on Saturday at the age of 82. He will be remembered as the first human to set foot on the moon, landing on July 20 1969.

Ethiopia: King Solomon The Queen Of Sheba And The Black Jews — Part 2

Under the Jewish Law of Return, over a period of 60 years, nearly 80000 black Ethiopian Jews return to the land of Israel, their spiritual home.

Ethiopia: King Solomon The Queen Of Sheba And The Black Jews — Part 1

Ethiopian black Jews converted to Christianity believing that the messiah was Christ and, as Judeo-Christians and black Jews, saw no contradiction with the Old Testament

Gold In South Africa And The Ancient Indian Connection

Like most South Africans I learnt that the history of gold in Southern Africa started with the arrival of European explorers. The truth may be very different.

Marilyn Monroe American Icon

Born Norma Jean Baker (1926 – 1962), Marilyn Monroe began her career as a model and landed her first film contract in 1946. She made her first appearance on the cover of Life magazine in April 1952, where she was described as “The Talk of Hollywood”. Marilyn was catapulted to fame after her picture appeared […]

American Icon 1950s Cadillac

This great American icon of American success and the American dream, the 1950s Cadillac, is beautifully drawn here by renowned artist John Harding. See a portfolio of John Harding’s work here. Click to enlarge the image at right. When this famous automobile first appeared on the streets the classic lines of the 1950s Cadillac defined […]

Mr Gene Sharp: Why Dictators and Despots Fear His Name Everywhere

Gene Sharp is relatively unknown to the American public. Around the world he is held in high esteem by activists and is regarded with fear and animosity by many authoritarian leaders. This humble, shy 83-year-old intellectual, through his practical writings on non-violent revolution, has had a broad influence on international events for two decades. Though […]

Revolution Comes to Egypt and Sweeps Across The Arab World

Tonight as I write this a revolution of change is sweeping the Arab countries of Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Yemen. The revolution was started in Tunisia by Mohamed Bouazizi (26), a humble vegetable vendor. He set himself alight in December as a sign of protest. Mohamed had endured police […]