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Sleep Good With These Great Sleeping Tips

Your mood, your memory, your ability to deal with life’s daily stresses, are all sacrificed when you aren’t able to get a good long, deep sleep

Tanning Bed Exposure For Vitamin Goodness And Health Benefits

The tanning bed you love so much might have hidden health benefits that can help with a variety of ailments or act as a preventive measure for some diseases.

Multiple Myeloma Tests And Treatment

Multiple myeloma is a dangerous disease, but patients armed with research and a good medical team can go through treatment and have their lives back again.

Cancer Treatment And Support What You Can Do If You Are Diagnosed

Once you’ve been diagnosed with cancer you have the power to improve your prognosis. Make the journey to recovery easier by following these simple steps.

Cancer Related Fatigue Awareness Month for Patients

We’re halfway through the month of December, which has been designated as Cancer-Related Fatigue Awareness Month. Diet is especially important in recovery.

Stress Relief: 6 Tips To Help You Sleep Better And Manage Your Time

Keeping stress levels down whether you’re a student, parent or both is not as easy as it seems. Use these Stress Relief tips to help you throughout the year.

The Hunter Gatherer Diet and How to Fast Your Way to Better Health

Last night I was up at midnight with my better half indulging in what is known as “the midnight snack.” Why am I telling you this? Because we spontaneously decided to commence with what will henceforth be known as our first thirty-hour-fast. Right after the midnight snack, that is. As I write this to you […]

Good! Day 68 and Still Standing. Reflections of a Non-Smoker

A little over two months ago, after four decades of puffing away, I finally managed to stop smoking. For good. So far so good. No one that has never smoked, and there are a few,  can know just how amazing an achievement this is. I have never been addicted to any substance other than nicotine, […]