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Sleep Good With These Great Sleeping Tips

The Sleeping Beauty
The Sleeping Beauty (1921), oil on canvas painting by the pre-Raphaelite English writer and painter John Maler Collier (1850-1934), 91 cm x 112 cm -- click to enlarge

Elusive Sleep
Your mood, your memory, your ability to deal with life’s daily stresses, are all sacrificed when you aren’t able to get a good long, deep sleep; especially the important REM (rapid eye movement or dreaming) sleep.

Your performance at work and your relationships with family and friends can suffer, too. Studies have even drawn a correlation to sleep deprivation and weight gain.

Important Factors
Plenty of books and websites are devoted to insomnia. It could probably be described as an epidemic in western cultures.

Sleepiness during the day is unsafe, if you’re driving or doing work with heavy machinery. Sleepiness can be caused by heavy snoring, hypersomnia, narcolepsy, and other sleep-related disorders. Continue reading Sleep Good With These Great Sleeping Tips

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Tanning Bed Exposure For Vitamin Goodness And Health Benefits

Tanning Bed
Tanning Beds have health benefits that can help with a variety of ailments such as osteoporosis and certain cancers

A trip to the tanning bed has been a normal part of the routine for many seeking beautiful tan skin — especially in the summer months when swimsuits become a mainstay!

But tanning beds are also a source of debate due to their potential health implications.

At the beginning of the year a Canadian law passed prohibiting those under the age of eighteen from using a tanning bed. The health risks associated with continued use was the source of the law, many claiming that minors should not be able to choose to use a product that might have a detrimental impact on their health in years to come.
Continue reading Tanning Bed Exposure For Vitamin Goodness And Health Benefits

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Multiple Myeloma Tests And Treatment

Multiple myeloma is signified by a burgundy ribbon, like breast cancer is signified by a pink ribbon.

A firefighter fights for his life. And wins This short video (1:04 mins) is Kevin Hunt’s courageous story, a successful fight back from Multiple Myeloma — Source: Indiana University Health

Multiple myeloma is a cancer in which plasma cells form tumors in the bone because the cells grow too quickly. While the body attempts to fight the tumors, it’s difficult for the bone marrow to create healthy platelets and blood cells. This cancer also causes anemia, which can in turn cause abnormal bleeding. Multiple myeloma also makes it easier for a person to develop infections.
Continue reading Multiple Myeloma Tests And Treatment

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Cancer Treatment And Support What You Can Do If You Are Diagnosed

cancer ribbons
Know what to do if you are diagnosed with cancer -- Image: Pink ribbon art by Robert Mobley of

More than one-third of us will develop cancer at least once in our lives, but a good portion of those diagnosed with cancer will have many years of full and productive life with and after the diagnosis. How you manage the myriad of emotions that accompany your diagnosis and treatment plays an important role in your health. You have the power to improve your prognosis. The following actions can help make cancer treatment and the journey to recovery easier.

Get Control of the Situation
A bit of research can help you feel more empowered. Learn everything you can about your cancer, what stage you have and who tends to get the cancer that you have. Online searches and discussions with your doctors can guide your research. Find out about the various treatment options, including how they work, the pros and cons of each and where treatment centers are located. Continue reading Cancer Treatment And Support What You Can Do If You Are Diagnosed

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Cancer Related Fatigue Awareness Month for Patients

Chocolate may ease symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome
Chocolate may ease symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome: research -- Source: The Telegraph

We’re halfway through the month of December, which has been designated as Cancer Related Fatigue Awareness Month. Most cancer patients and their families know that the treatments for cancer, as well as the disease itself, can take a serious toll on a person’s energy level. For patients fighting cancer during the holidays, being aware of the signs of fatigue can be especially important.

“Chocolate may ease symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome: research — Source: The Telegraph

While feeling completely drained of energy can be a symptom of cancer and its treatment, being fatigued for a lengthy period of time can lead to other issues, like depression. But identifying the causes and working with a doctor can help cancer patients work toward feeling like themselves again.
Continue reading Cancer Related Fatigue Awareness Month for Patients

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Stress Relief: 6 Tips To Help You Sleep Better And Manage Your Time

Keep Stress Levels Down
Keep Stress Levels Down With 6 Simple Tips

Keeping stress levels down once school begins—whether you’re a student, parent or both— is never quite as easy as it first seems like it will be. In fact, trying can be even more stressful than simply letting yourself be overwhelmed. Of course, the longer the school year goes on, the more the stress builds up.

Taking a few minutes each day to practice some stress-relieving tips will help you throughout the year.

Plan ahead
We’re most stressed when we’re not in control of our lives. There are some things of course, that are beyond our scope, but simple planning can keep life manageable and productive. As with any good thing, though, try to strike a balance. If you’re constantly worried about keeping things organized, well . . you’re constantly worrying.
Continue reading Stress Relief: 6 Tips To Help You Sleep Better And Manage Your Time

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The Hunter Gatherer Diet and How to Fast Your Way to Better Health

The Hunter Gatherer's diet was not like our modern diet

Last night I was up at midnight with my better half indulging in what is known as “the midnight snack.” Why am I telling you this? Because we spontaneously decided to commence with what will henceforth be known as our first thirty-hour-fast. Right after the midnight snack, that is. As I write this to you now, I’m fasting. We will not be eating anything at all, today. Or tonight. Not till tomorrow morning will anything but liquid pass these lips of ours. So far so good. Watch this space for a follow-on as to how this went.

Lately I have been reading about how to “stimulate the caveman” in you. There are some great links here and here. Before the start of the agricultural period about 10,000 years ago man was a hunter-gatherer. Before this period, for the almost unimaginably long time of three million years, our diet contained an enormous variety of plant foods and was high in protein. There was nearly a complete absence of grains and simple carbohydrates in the hunter-gatherer diet. The closest thing to a carbohydrate was honey, Continue reading The Hunter Gatherer Diet and How to Fast Your Way to Better Health

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Good! Day 68 and Still Standing. Reflections of a Non-Smoker

CigaretteA little over two months ago, after four decades of puffing away, I finally managed to stop smoking. For good. So far so good. No one that has never smoked, and there are a few,  can know just how amazing an achievement this is.

I have never been addicted to any substance other than nicotine, but I have it on good authority that tobacco is possibly the most highly addictive of all substances. It’s right up there with cocaine and heroin.

In my case, this is a third attempt at quitting. My first attempt was 15 years ago and lasted four-and-a-half years. Yes, I know. I should never have started again after stopping for four-and-a-half years. But that is the nature of the beast. All it took was one drag at the bar one night on a business trip. I was lighting a cigarette for a fellow traveler. Well, after a beer and three tequilas Continue reading Good! Day 68 and Still Standing. Reflections of a Non-Smoker

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