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Open Letter: Aussies Stop Killing The Great White Shark

Open Letter to the Honorable Premier of Western Australia, Mr. Colin Barnett: Dear Mr. Premier, I’m writing to you about the Australian Shark Cull Policy, which targets various shark species, including the endangered great white. This policy was initiated late last year following a spate of fatal attacks in 2011. Despite widespread criticism in Australia, […]

5 Fishing Tips For The Eco-Friendly Fisherman

If you’re reading this, it can be assumed that you love to fish. But perhaps this is the first time you’ve stopped to consider that you can do it in a way that’s kinder to the environment. “Keep an eye out for sensitive flora and other natural elements” If this is the case, then please […]

Save Geyser Energy While Staying Warm

Summer is well and truly gone. That probably became obvious when you had to pile on some extra blankets to not shiver yourself to sleep. Winter can be wonderful, with its call for hot chocolate and staying in with a book. But cosiness has a cost, which you’ll see reflected on your energy bill at […]

Sunset on The Bot River Estuary #6

It’s 17:53pm as the sun dips behind the Kogelberg mountain range. The windless and warm conditions and the absolute silence magnify the beauty of the Bot River Estuary. This estuarine system lies on the eastern border of the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve on the Southern tip of Africa.

Dramatic Changes On The Banks Of The Bot River Estuary

Amazing changes that have taken place in the last six months on the banks of the estuary — clean white sand, sea shells, sea weed, red-bait and cuttlefish.

Green Ways To Wash Your Car

What’s the most eco-friendly way to wash your car? According to some experts, it’s the automatic car wash which minimizes water use and chemical run-off

Gold In The Sky At Sunset On The Bot River Estuary

Here on the southern tip of Africa it’s 7:50pm and the sun is sinking on the beautiful Bot River Estuary. One can just make out the estuary mouth at extreme left on the horizon. The estuary mouth remains closed to the sea for long periods, sometimes years, before it opens naturally to start a new […]

Rhino Horn Poaching Massacre Reaches Record Levels

In a 22 percent increase on last year, rhino killed for their horns has risen to 405. A staggering 229 rhino were killed in the Kruger National Park alone

World Heading For Population Of 7 Billion — Really?

The tremendous increased rate of population growth has occurred in the last two centuries. In 1804 the global population was 1 billion, and it’s 7 billion today

Baby Elephant And Mother In Dramatic Rescue From The Mud

Just two weeks ago near Kapani Safari Lode in Zambia, a group of tourists came accross this amazing sight. A hpelessly trapped baby elephant and her mother.