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Goals Setting Is An Important Step In Your New Career Venture

Goals Setting
Goals Setting is an important step in your new career venture

When setting out to achieve new career goals, it is natural that your motivation and energy in this arena will wax and wane. But it’s important for you to fight any sense of inertia because standing still will never lead you to the future you desire. Whether you’re starting out in your job search or you’re just beginning your trek toward an entirely new career path staying motivated is extremely important.

It is easy to lose steam, especially when you’re in the beginning stages of starting a new career venture. But you can take control of the situation by remaining vigilant and by setting up fail-safes to help you remain focused and inspired to create exciting adventures for yourself. The best thing you can do is set solid, realistic goals and then stick to them.

Here are some basic and important ideas on how to make goal setting work for you.
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Online Tools Help You Gain The Edge With Your Career Interview

The job market
Entering the Job Market for the first time, use online tools to help you gain the edge over your competition.

Entering the job market is a big step for a new graduate, and in this economy you need to stay on your toes to gain the edge over your competition. Fortunately, there are several ways to increase your chances of success at starting your new career.

Getting started
Begin by working on your resume to ensure it shows you in your best light. If you plan to write your own, study the most popular formats online or ask for guidance from your school’s career services department. Keep in mind that there are different formats for different positions, so you’ll need to know which one is appropriate.
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7 Types of Home Owner’s Insurance You Need to Know About

Home Insurance
Home insurance can save your investment one day

If you own a home or are thinking of buying one, home owner’s insurance is a necessary evil and can even save your investment one day. But there are many different types of policies out there that can be confusing to the average home owner.

Below, we have gathered seven different kinds of home owner’s insurance to help you make sense of it all.

1. Basic
The liability coverage of the home owning insurance world is the basic. This type of policy covers only the basics but includes items such as fire, wind-storms, theft, and even volcanic eruption.
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7 Reasons Why Buying Is Better Than Renting A Home In This Market

Buying or Renting? Which is better
Buying or renting? Which is better in this market?

The question on every potential purchasers lips when considering a real estate investment is how best to time the market. Values are still declining in a down market, and the question is — how low can they go and how long should one wait?

Interest rates are bottoming out. In fact they are near an all-time low. They are unlikely to drop any further and if you wait too long you may not be able to afford to buy a home at any price.

At the other end of the scale the rental market is characterised by steadily rising rentals, driven by rising demand.

This guide is for anyone who might be considering taking the plunge into the housing market. You may be a home-owner who needs to sell first before you can buy. Or you might be renting and looking to be a first time home buyer. Whatever the case may be, here are seven reasons why buying your home now may be better than renting:
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7 Reasons Why Private Sellers Should Not Be Selling Their Homes

Private Sellers
Private Sellers are sometimes misinformed about what agents can do for them

At first glance, selling your home privately can seem like an attractive proposition. You’ll save the agents commission, right?

In fact many private sellers are home owners in financial trouble, and are hoping to avoid paying the agents fee in order to clear an outstanding mortgage loan without “paying in”.

The reality is that many of these homes end up as “distressed sales” and are auctioned by the bank at greatly reduced prices.

Sadly, in many of these cases the result can mean even greater financial hardship for the unlucky owners. In some cases the shortfall translates into a long-standing debt that will represent a financial burden for many years to come.
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Top 10 Tips for Buying A Bank Repossessed Property

Property Bank Repossessed
Property repossessed by the Bank is an attractive buy!

One of the advantages for buyers of property in the current economic climate in South Africa is the increased availability of Bank Repossessed homes on the market.

When borrowers default on the payment terms of the mortgage loan, eventually this will lead to legal action by attorneys instructed by the mortgage holder.

A judgement is obtained in the High Court and the property is then attached and sold by the Sheriff of the High Court at a sale in execution. If the auction fails to achieve the bank’s reserve price, then the property will be bought by the Bank and placed on the market again. This is called a Property in Possession (PIP).
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How Consumer Protection Act Affects Lease of Property — Part 2

Cpa and Lease Agreements
How the CPA effects new Lease Agreements. – Photo: jimtim0505 on Flickr

South Africa’s new Consumer Protection Act comes into effect on 1 April 2011. Part 1 covered the introduction of a “Cooling-off” period and the use of “Voetstoots” clause under the new CPA legislation.

Part 2 deals with some important changes to the law governing Lease Agreements, when the new CPA comes into effect on 1st April.

Now some of my more astute readers will have noticed that this is also April Fools Day. Please people, this is purely co-incidental, however inopportune the date may seem.

Lease Agreements: The CPA introduces some far-reaching changes to Lease Agreements for immovable property. Specifically for ordinary people, the changes affect the maximum duration and grants the parties certain rights of cancellation.

Note that Leases to “Juristic Persons” fall outside the ambit of the CPA. “Juristic Persons” includes Closed Corporations, Companies, Trusts, Partnerships and Associations. No distinction is made between Commercial and Residential property.
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How Consumer Protection Act Affects Property Transactions — Part 1

Consumer Protection Act will effect Real Estate transactions
Consumer Protection Act will effect Real Estate transactions

South Africa’s new Consumer Protection Act comes into effect on 1 April 2011. This law fundamentally changes the way business is done in South Africa. The law regulates the way businesses market their products and services and makes South African consumers among the most protected in the world.

Three important changes relating to Real Estate transactions are introduced with the CPA.

Firstly the Act introduces a bill of rights, granting consumers the right to cancel certain contracts within a “Cooling-off” period of five business days.

Secondly, the Act changes the way the voetstoots clause will be applied in Real Estate contracts.

The third is about how the CPA effects the Letting of property. This one will be covered in Part 2 of this post.
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