Ronald West’s Artwork Is All Vibrant Colours And Love Of Life

Local artist Ronald Martin West was born in Stellenbosch, Western Cape, in 1974 and his formal art training started in 1989 when he joined the PJ Olivier Art Centre with sculpture as his main subject.

The Beach Gala
The Beach Gala -- oil on canvas (click to enlarge)

“I love Italy, the Italian and French way of life, food, wine, street and café scenes, Tuscan scenery, the cobble stone streets, the vibrant colours, tango and lambada, bicycles and old cars.

Although I wasn’t around to experience the 1950’s and 1960’s, I think (or dream) that it must have been an amazing era to have lived in Italy or France.

When I close my eyes, I can smell the fresh roasted coffee, the freshly baked baguettes, and the sound of the chef, on his old bicycle, doing his daily deliveries.”

He studied briefly at the Cape Technicon Graphic Design School while working for a very well-known office automation company. In 2002, after a vivid dream, he resigned from the world of commerce and took up his brushes and paint as a full-time career. Ronald says from that point on he never looked back (12 photographs).
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Aviation Artwork of Local Hermanus Artist Derrick Dickens

Fairey Swordfish of the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm -- this painting was chosen by HRH Prince Phillip and now hangs in Buckingham Palace -- Artist: Derrick Dickens

Internationally renowned artist, and local Hermanus resident, Derrick Dickens’ aviation artwork featuring aircraft of the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm, as seen here, is the subject of a recently published book.

This magnificent work of 168 pages is entitled Illustrated History of the Fleet Air Arm – Stringbag to Shar 1938 to 2006. It features paintings of every type and mark of fixed-wing front line aircraft to serve in the FAA from 1938 to 2006.

The forward was written by the Admiral of the Fleet, HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Prince Philip also chose the painting Swordfish, on page 6 of the book, which now hangs in Buckingham Palace.

The first print run is sold out and is currently being revised and updated. The next issue will be available toward the end of 2011. All paintings from the book are available as giclée limited prints (12 Photographs).
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Adriaan S de Lange Local South African Sculptor and Painter

Day on the beach
Day on the beach - Oil on canvas - 35 x 40cm

South African artist Adriaan S. de Lange is featured here as a sculptor and painter who works in the countryside outside Stellenbosch in the Western Cape of South Africa. That’s just 150 kilometres from my home town, Hermanus. That means he’s a local in the broader scheme of things. Well, we like to think so, anyway.

“A distinguishing characteristic of his work is the photographic stillness with which he explores the serenity and reality present in his imagination. He possesses a technical facility that enables him to paint with precision and detail. The effect created with these extremely fine brush strokes is further enhanced by the attention he pays to colour, space and subject matter – thus creating a tangible yet serene world which serves as a starting point for the viewer when enjoying an artwork by him.”

De Lange’s work for me has a quality that echo’s the ethereal and the attention to detail of some of my favourite artists including Hunderdwasser and Dali (6 photographs).
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Fantastic Realism Art Work of Russian Artist Boris Indrikov

LEPIDOPTERA. 2001 oil on canvas 50 X 70 cm -- Artist: Boris Indrikov (click to enlarge).

Boris Indrikov is a talented and original artist born in Leningrad in 1967 and now lives and works in Moscow . From 1991 to 1997 he was a book designer and worked as an illustrator for the popular science magazine “Chemistry and Life.”

He has been a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and the UNESCO International Federation of Artists since 1998.

Boris has exhibited works at a number of shows in Russia and abroad. He exhibited at the Moscow Art Fair, Art-Manezh in 2002 and 2003, and Drommar in Nykoping, Sweden in 2004. He currently works in painting, graphic design and small-form plastic. He works mainly in fantastic realism.

Indrikov’s artworks are featured in the Horizon Gallery in the Netherlands and appear in private collections all over the world including in Russia , Sweden , Germany , France , Switzerland , Japan and the United States (5 photos).
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South Africa’s Kirstenbosch Exhibit for 2011 Chelsea Flower Show

Designer David Davidson
Designer David Davidson With a Scale Model of the Kirstenbosch Entry -- Photo: Charles O'Leary

A scale model of the Kirstenbosch exhibit which is South Africa’s entry to the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show in London is seen here on display at Kirstenbosch Gardens in Cape Town. The finished display will cover a 12 x 12 meter (39 x 39 feet) area.

Designers, David Davidson and Raymond Hudson will be exhibiting for the eighteenth time this year. For the past 35 years, the Kirstenbosch-SA Exhibit has won 30 Gold medals, two Silver-Gilt medals and three Silver medals, as well as various special awards for outstanding contributions. The two designers will win a special ‘Gold Prize’ from the Scion shop if they win another Gold Award in this year’s show.

The show will run from the 24th to 27th of May, 2011. All the plants used in the show are indigenous to South Africa. However, because some are annuals, usually flowering in Spring in South Africa, plants will be sourced from Keintzler in Germany. South African plants are a common sight in Europe where their cultivation has become quite commonplace (5 Photos).
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Terry Kobus Hermanus Based South African Artist

White Nguni Bull
White Nguni Bull - Oil on canvas 762 x 1016 -- Artist: Terry Kobus

Local artist Terry Kobus is known for exquisite paintings of South Africa’s indigenous Nguni Cattle. Armed with a camera and his artists sketchbook he rides a mountain bike into remote rural areas where these unique indigenous cattle can be found.

Terry works in oil and on wood and canvas to capture the magic of the grasslands of Zululand, the Drakensberg and the Transkei wild coast.

Terry has exhibited internationally and has a number of works featured in international collections. If you wander down Hermanus’s main street you will find him in his Originals Gallery. He has a working studio there where you can see him at work.

Originals Gallery & Framing – the studio of Overberg Artist Terry Kobus

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Dame Elizabeth Taylor (1932 — 2011)

Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor -- Artist: Max Tegman on Flickr

Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, DBE (27 February 1932 – 23 March 2011) died yesterday morning at the age of 79.

“I never planned to acquire a lot of jewels or a lot of husbands. For me, life happened, just as it does for anyone else.”

Oscar-winning actress and super-star, Elizabeth Taylor, starred in over 50 Hollywood movies. She was a committed AIDS activist, raising in excess of $200 million dollars for AIDS research.

Dame Elizabeth Taylor was appointed Dame Commander of the British Empire in 1999.

Update: Elizabeth Taylor was buried alongside her last ever love letter from Richard Burton. She had kept the romantic note on her dressing table for 27 years.

Artist: Max Tegman on Flickr

Marilyn Monroe American Icon

Marilyn Monroe American Icon
Marilyn Monroe American Icon -- Artist: ~cometomorrow Holly on Deviant Art
Born Norma Jean Baker (1926 – 1962), Marilyn Monroe began her career as a model and landed her first film contract in 1946. She made her first appearance on the cover of Life magazine in April 1952, where she was described as “The Talk of Hollywood”. Marilyn was catapulted to fame after her picture appeared on the cover of the first Playboy magazine in 1953.

Without any acting experience, Marilyn became a Hollywood media star and a legend in a career that spanned 16 years and 29 movies.

Her story book wedding to baseball great Joe DiMaggio ended in divorce after just 274 days. Marilyn then married playwright Arthur Miller in 1956. Their union ended in divorce five years later. In Marilyn’s last film, “Misfits” in 1960, she co-starred with Clark Gable. Continue reading “Marilyn Monroe American Icon”

American Icon 1950s Cadillac

American Icon, the 1950s Cadillac
American Icon, the 1950s Cadillac Artist: John Harding

This great American icon of American success and the American dream, the 1950s Cadillac, is beautifully drawn here by renowned artist John Harding. See a portfolio of John Harding’s work here. Click to enlarge the image at right.

When this famous automobile first appeared on the streets the classic lines of the 1950s Cadillac defined an era. The style embodied the optimism of post-war America and heralded a glorious industrial renaissance led by Detroit, the home of the American automobile industry. On 25 November 1949, Cadillac produced its one millionth car, a 1950 Coupe de Ville.

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