Why the World Needs Better Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs need to instil some much-needed positivity
The world is in an interesting state, to say the least, and it is up to entrepreneurs and smart business plans to instil some much-needed positivity.

We are living in uncertain times wherever we are in the world. The United States arguably has its most controversial president in Donald Trump and the United Kingdom is in the process of leaving the EU. On top of this, there appears to be something of a right-wing uprising in global politics.

Businesses are either threatening to leave, or threatened to stay, depending on which side of the coin you are. Politics will always be a divisive subject, and not one that we will be exploring in depth – so what does the world need right now?

Better Entrepreneurs

Success always comes as a result of hard work
Although we are in the middle of the most uncertain of times, business opportunities are vast and entrepreneurship is pivotal to the economy.

Without the success of smaller businesses, the economy would be in a much worse state and there would be no competition at all for large businesses, which could effectively charge whatever they like for their products and services.

Finding the Opportunity
Good entrepreneurs are able to seek out a gap in the market and jump on the opportunity that presents itself. They do this by asking a question that no one can provide the answer to, and they make it their business to make their business the answer.

In modern history, there have never been so many unanswered questions. Although we cannot expect entrepreneurs to provide the answer to tackling terrorism, they can at least play a pivotal role in our day-to-day life.

A Good Idea
It takes just a single second to think of a good idea, but it can take a lifetime to make happen. While there are many examples of successful business owners working solo, a good entrepreneur seeks the help and opinion of others.

When a good idea and well-thought out plan come together, a promising business is born. Before seeking out commercial office space, small businesses learn to walk before they can run. This is where many a good idea evaporates with the expectation of immediate success.

Learn to Take the Hits
Success always comes as a result of hard work. For every overnight success, there are years of hard grafting and problem solving, and a dedicated team working night and day.

Every new business takes hits, which can be terrifying for entrepreneurs that have bills to pay, but this is when keeping hold of the wheel and stabilising the ship is most important. All it takes is to walk down the street and see shops to let and vacant office space for signs of others downfall.

Sometimes it just doesn’t work out and business owners can confidently say to themselves that there wasn’t any more they could do. Everyone fails from time to time, and the lessons learned from one project can be taken into making a success of the next.

If for no other reason than securing between 60 and 80% of jobs in the United States, according to Entrepreneur Magazine, small businesses fly the flag of hope and keep alive the normal person’s dream of making something of them.

Without those that choose to take risks, the world is left with a gulf between highly-paid CEOs and those that work for them. If Starbucks had to close down one of its 11,100 stores in the United States, the damage would be just a mere drop in the ocean – for a small business, the effects are damning.

The world needs better entrepreneurs to bridge the gap between the rich and powerful, and those who are not. A small business is built on an idea and lots of planning and hard work, providing the answer to a question you may not have even asked yet.

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