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Stress Relief: 6 Tips To Help You Sleep Better And Manage Your Time

Keep Stress Levels Down
Keep Stress Levels Down With 6 Simple Tips

Keeping stress levels down once school begins—whether you’re a student, parent or both— is never quite as easy as it first seems like it will be. In fact, trying can be even more stressful than simply letting yourself be overwhelmed. Of course, the longer the school year goes on, the more the stress builds up.

Taking a few minutes each day to practice some stress-relieving tips will help you throughout the year.

Plan ahead
We’re most stressed when we’re not in control of our lives. There are some things of course, that are beyond our scope, but simple planning can keep life manageable and productive. As with any good thing, though, try to strike a balance. If you’re constantly worried about keeping things organized, well . . you’re constantly worrying.
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Grid World Creator Flynn Is Played By Jeff Bridges In Tron Legacy

Olivia Wilde Tron Legacy
A disc-throwing shot of Olivia Wilde who co-stars in the film as Jeff Bridges' confidant and ally.

I admit it. I’m late to the game. The onslaught of 3D movies that hit the theaters last year was too much for me to keep up with. I wanted to see Tron Legacy when it came out, but you know how it goes; it is sold out the first weekend, the next weekend your friends can’t go, you have a friend’s baby shower to attend the following weekend and before you know it the movie is no longer in theaters.

I finally rented the movie last weekend and watched it.

Let’s get the basics out of the way. The movie was decent. The story was passable, but the effects and cinematography were pretty outstanding. Watching Tron on my 42 inch tv and home theater seating made me really wish I had seen it on the big screen in three dimensions but I have no one to blame but myself… and my pregnant friend.
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Cologne The City Where Love is Sealed With The Lock-Sign

The Lock Bridge
The Lock Bridge where lovers leave a lock-sign of their love on the bridge -- Photo: Sally

I recently returned from a trip to Germany to visit a dear friend of mine. She lives in a very small village called Junkernhees (pronounced “Yun-kurn-hees”) which is about 10 minutes North of Siegen.

Thousands of people visiting, or living in Cologne, have inscribed their name along with their loved ones into a lock and locked it to the bridge. The idea is to signify the strength of their long lasting love.

Northwest Germany is perfect this time of year. Everything is blooming and blossoming, and the temperature is just right! I have been to Germany 3 times before, but it was on this trip that I became aware of a bit of a competition between two larger cities in Northwest Germany. Apparently this conflict dates back to the eleventh century when ships carrying goods would pass Dusseldorf on the Rhine River on their way to Cologne where the goods would be sold at higher prices, but the actual explanation is still argued.

After reading some airline reviews, I found that it was much cheaper to fly in to Dusseldorf than Cologne (though Frankfurt is cheaper than both). Continue reading

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