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Holiday Decorating With Real Trees

Should you use a real tree this Christmas?
Should you use a real tree this Christmas?

Outdoor and indoor holiday decorating are two completely different animals. Though both will allow you to spread a little holiday cheer, they each require different techniques and even completely different thought processes during preparation.

Indoor decorating and decor requires you to think about things like your Christmas tree and an indoor lighting pattern.

Outdoor decorating requires you to think about how you’re going to put up your lights and a wide variety of other aspects to make your house one of the best-looking ones on the block all season long.
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Use Volunteer Work to Jump-Start a New Career

Use Volunteer Work
Volunteer Work is a great way to jump-start a new career

For anyone looking to switch careers or get their first one rolling, getting your foot in the door is often one of the toughest challenges.

Many industries and lines of work offer murky guidelines and pathways for novices looking to get experience and establish themselves in the industry.

In some cases, it can be hard to get a job without any experience in that field, and this can quickly create a paradox in which you need a job to get experience, but you also need experience to get a job.
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Filling Your Cup Of Life: Five Benefits Of Volunteering Time Abroad

Volunteering to work in a foreign country can be an eye-opening experience

In the rat race to finish at the top of your class and become a leader in your industry, it’s easy to lose sight of the values found in any effort or experience that doesn’t directly move you closer to those goals. You’ll hear plenty of reasons why a summer internship is the best thing for your career, but you’ll have a harder time finding someone to urge you to go off the beaten path.

What many fail to realize is that the road to success is rarely straight. Furthermore, what those around you may prescribe as the best ways to advance your career may not be the best for you in particular.

After all, your goal shouldn’t be to pass through your educational and professional experiences like a piece of equipment on an assembly line. You should aspire to become an individual, and to do so through a background that distinguishes you from everyone else.
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Green Ways To Wash Your Car

Green Ways to Wash Your Car
Green Ways to Wash Your Car

What’s the most eco-friendly way to wash your car? According to some experts, it’s the automatic car wash, which runs vehicles through an efficient series of cleaning processes and minimizes water use and chemical run-off.

But there are additional risks that come with automatic car washes. The dirt and grime from other vehicles can stick to some of the cleaning mechanisms in an automatic car wash and scratch your paint.

Car washes that use brushes instead of pressurized water washing systems could also damage your car, if the brushes aren’t properly maintained.
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Your Home Insurance Policy: What You Need to Know

House on fire
What would happen if your home burned to the ground tomorrow? — Image: Todd Klassy on Flickr

What would happen if your home burned to the ground tomorrow?

If you have the right homeowners insurance policy, your insurance company would pay for your costs of living for at least one year while your home was rebuilt from scratch, all for just the cost of your deductible.

But if you don’t have the right kind of policy, you may not be covered for the total cost of replacing your home.
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Summertime Crafting Fun

Pencil crayons
Crafting during the summertime provides a great alternative to traditional summer activities.

But on days when it’s too hot to be outdoors, summertime crafting provides an enjoyable alternative to the typical summer fare of swimming, gardening and grilling.

Many crafts are suitable year-round, but some are ideal for taking advantage of the summertime atmosphere.

These crafts can be enjoyed on a lazy or rainy summer day and are easily altered to be suitable for most any age group.
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Tanning Bed Exposure For Vitamin Goodness And Health Benefits

Tanning Bed
Tanning Beds have health benefits that can help with a variety of ailments such as osteoporosis and certain cancers

A trip to the tanning bed has been a normal part of the routine for many seeking beautiful tan skin — especially in the summer months when swimsuits become a mainstay!

But tanning beds are also a source of debate due to their potential health implications.

At the beginning of the year a Canadian law passed prohibiting those under the age of eighteen from using a tanning bed. The health risks associated with continued use was the source of the law, many claiming that minors should not be able to choose to use a product that might have a detrimental impact on their health in years to come.
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Diagrams Can Help To Detail Data In Presentations And Assignments

Bar graph
Using diagrams is an effective way of presenting data and helps to engage an audience visually

Many students struggle every year on class projects because today most, if not all, assignments require presentations or reports. Beyond just text, students should incorporate additional elements like diagrams into their assignments to engage their audience visually.

Diagrams, as opposed to plain text, allow information to be displayed in a format that is easier to understand and digest which makes student presentations more engaging. The concept is simple enough, but there are many kinds of diagrams, and deciding which chart or graph to use can quickly become confusing.

Consider the following tips when adding visual elements or effects to your next presentation:
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Multiple Myeloma Tests And Treatment

Multiple myeloma is signified by a burgundy ribbon, like breast cancer is signified by a pink ribbon.

A firefighter fights for his life. And wins This short video (1:04 mins) is Kevin Hunt’s courageous story, a successful fight back from Multiple Myeloma — Source: Indiana University Health

Multiple myeloma is a cancer in which plasma cells form tumors in the bone because the cells grow too quickly. While the body attempts to fight the tumors, it’s difficult for the bone marrow to create healthy platelets and blood cells. This cancer also causes anemia, which can in turn cause abnormal bleeding. Multiple myeloma also makes it easier for a person to develop infections.
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Cancer Treatment And Support What You Can Do If You Are Diagnosed

cancer ribbons
Know what to do if you are diagnosed with cancer -- Image: Pink ribbon art by Robert Mobley of

More than one-third of us will develop cancer at least once in our lives, but a good portion of those diagnosed with cancer will have many years of full and productive life with and after the diagnosis. How you manage the myriad of emotions that accompany your diagnosis and treatment plays an important role in your health. You have the power to improve your prognosis. The following actions can help make cancer treatment and the journey to recovery easier.

Get Control of the Situation
A bit of research can help you feel more empowered. Learn everything you can about your cancer, what stage you have and who tends to get the cancer that you have. Online searches and discussions with your doctors can guide your research. Find out about the various treatment options, including how they work, the pros and cons of each and where treatment centers are located. Continue reading Cancer Treatment And Support What You Can Do If You Are Diagnosed

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