You Haven’t Returned Any Of My Messages


Know anyone that might be in line for an ‘attitude adjustment’ like this?

Best comment: Oct 24, 2012
“It’s important to staple firmly against the skull, in order to properly bend the staples! ”
— jo_jo_ba


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Filling Your Cup Of Life: Five Benefits Of Volunteering Time Abroad

Volunteering to work in a foreign country can be an eye-opening experience

In the rat race to finish at the top of your class and become a leader in your industry, it’s easy to lose sight of the values found in any effort or experience that doesn’t directly move you closer to those goals. You’ll hear plenty of reasons why a summer internship is the best thing for your career, but you’ll have a harder time finding someone to urge you to go off the beaten path.

What many fail to realize is that the road to success is rarely straight. Furthermore, what those around you may prescribe as the best ways to advance your career may not be the best for you in particular.

After all, your goal shouldn’t be to pass through your educational and professional experiences like a piece of equipment on an assembly line. You should aspire to become an individual, and to do so through a background that distinguishes you from everyone else.
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