Summertime Crafting Fun

Pencil crayons
Crafting during the summertime provides a great alternative to traditional summer activities.

But on days when it’s too hot to be outdoors, summertime crafting provides an enjoyable alternative to the typical summer fare of swimming, gardening and grilling.

Many crafts are suitable year-round, but some are ideal for taking advantage of the summertime atmosphere.

These crafts can be enjoyed on a lazy or rainy summer day and are easily altered to be suitable for most any age group.
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Actors And Celebrities Who Were Once Famous Flatmates

Tommy Lee Jones and Al Gore
Tommy Lee Jones and Al Gore were roommates in college — Image: Anthony G. Moore / Photorazzi — click to enlarge

Let’s face it, we’ve all lived with some peculiar people in our lives, especially during our younger years. Did you ever wonder: what if that guy who sang in the shower, or always ate your leftover pizza without permission, became rich and famous? What if you both did?

Reality shows have endlessly forced “odd couple” type pairings or entire groups of random celebrities. But for the purposes of this article, I’m concentrating on people who became famous in different, often wildly divergent fields (since it’s not all that uncommon for, say, actors or musicians to come up together in the same “scene”).

Here are some of the strangest bedfellows to go on to future glory:
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