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Archive of entries posted on February 2012

Goals Setting Is An Important Step In Your New Career Venture

When setting out to achieve new career goals, it is natural that your motivation and energy in this arena will wax and wane. But it’s important for you to fight any sense of inertia because standing still will never lead you to the future you desire. Whether you’re starting out in your job search or […]

Ethiopia: King Solomon The Queen Of Sheba And The Black Jews — Part 1

Ethiopian black Jews converted to Christianity believing that the messiah was Christ and, as Judeo-Christians and black Jews, saw no contradiction with the Old Testament

Smartphones: Top Five Apps to Use for School Assignments

Every new Smartphone app is created to assist you in some way, whether it’s to facilitate shopping, follow your favorite sports teams or check the weather forecast. There are even apps to help you improve your learning experience. Such apps help you stay organized, reduce the amount of time you spend tracking down reading assignments […]