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Archive of entries posted on September 2011

Southern Right Whale Placenta Washes Up On The Beach

One beautiful sunny morning, a few days ago, while walking the long stretch of beach named Grotto Beach near Voëlklip on the Hermanus coastline, I came across this amazing sight — the after-birth of a Southern Right Whale, washed up on the beach. At least, that’s what I think it was. The whale that is […]

7 Reasons Why Private Sellers Should Not Be Selling Their Homes

At first glance, selling your home privately can seem like an attractive proposition. You’ll save the agents commission, right? In fact many private sellers are home owners in financial trouble, and are hoping to avoid paying the agents fee in order to clear an outstanding mortgage loan without “paying in”. The reality is that many […]

Vernal Equinox Day Is Here And Spring is Sprung

The sun is about to reach that point in the heavens referred to as the vernal equinox and so this marks the beginning of Spring in the southern hemisphere.

Drone That Crashed Inside Pakistan – Is It The Festo SmartBird?

An alleged US spy drone crashed into Pakistani territory last week. Strangely, it looks like nothing seen in that theatre before. Stranger still, it looks a lot like the Festo SmartBird Robot that was featured on this website in March this year. The thing is, there are some significant differences. For one thing the Festo […]