Stress Relief: 6 Tips To Help You Sleep Better And Manage Your Time

Keep Stress Levels Down
Keep Stress Levels Down With 6 Simple Tips

Keeping stress levels down once school begins—whether you’re a student, parent or both— is never quite as easy as it first seems like it will be. In fact, trying can be even more stressful than simply letting yourself be overwhelmed. Of course, the longer the school year goes on, the more the stress builds up.

Taking a few minutes each day to practice some stress-relieving tips will help you throughout the year.

Plan ahead
We’re most stressed when we’re not in control of our lives. There are some things of course, that are beyond our scope, but simple planning can keep life manageable and productive. As with any good thing, though, try to strike a balance. If you’re constantly worried about keeping things organized, well . . you’re constantly worrying.
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Aviation Artwork of Local Hermanus Artist Derrick Dickens

Fairey Swordfish of the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm -- this painting was chosen by HRH Prince Phillip and now hangs in Buckingham Palace -- Artist: Derrick Dickens

Internationally renowned artist, and local Hermanus resident, Derrick Dickens’ aviation artwork featuring aircraft of the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm, as seen here, is the subject of a recently published book.

This magnificent work of 168 pages is entitled Illustrated History of the Fleet Air Arm – Stringbag to Shar 1938 to 2006. It features paintings of every type and mark of fixed-wing front line aircraft to serve in the FAA from 1938 to 2006.

The forward was written by the Admiral of the Fleet, HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Prince Philip also chose the painting Swordfish, on page 6 of the book, which now hangs in Buckingham Palace.

The first print run is sold out and is currently being revised and updated. The next issue will be available toward the end of 2011. All paintings from the book are available as giclée limited prints (12 Photographs).
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Top 10 Tips for Buying A Bank Repossessed Property

Property Bank Repossessed
Property repossessed by the Bank is an attractive buy!

One of the advantages for buyers of property in the current economic climate in South Africa is the increased availability of Bank Repossessed homes on the market.

When borrowers default on the payment terms of the mortgage loan, eventually this will lead to legal action by attorneys instructed by the mortgage holder.

A judgement is obtained in the High Court and the property is then attached and sold by the Sheriff of the High Court at a sale in execution. If the auction fails to achieve the bank’s reserve price, then the property will be bought by the Bank and placed on the market again. This is called a Property in Possession (PIP).
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Rhino Poachers Losing Against The South African Army

Army Saving Rhinos
Armed soldiers stage a night patrol in the Kruger National Park's Sabi River valley, close to the Mozambican border, in a bid to end rhino poaching in the country's flagship park -- AP Photo / Denis Farrell

In April we posted here  and in March we posted here about the tragic massacre of rhino that is taking place in South Africa.

Rhino poaching had risen from 13 cases in 2007 to a record 333 last year. Nearly 200 rhinos were killed in the first half of 2011.

In March this year the South African government deployed 140 troops in 16 temporary bases in the Sabi River valley where two-thirds of rhino killings have occurred.

Since then, the number of rhinos killed in The Kruger has dropped from 40 in March and 30 in April to 15 in May and just two in June. No rhinos were poached in July. Let me say that again — none. Fifteen alleged poachers have been killed, and nine suspects wounded in gunfights with the army, according to Brigadier General Koos Liebenberg.
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