I’m Taking A Break For A Few Days . . .

Holiday time
I'm taking a few days break from this website -- till 11th July

In a few days I’ll be taking a break from this website. It will be cold turkey. Yes, no posting, no answering questions. Nothing.

I’ll be posting again around the 11 of July. Then I’ll be back with some updates, and you will know what I’ve been up to. Hopefully I should have some interesting stuff to share and . . more about that later.

Till then, take care.

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Found A Monster Mushroom This Morning, Breakfast Anyone?

A hand-sized mushroom looking delicious
A hand-sized mushroom looking delicious on the front lawn -- Photo: John L Bradfield

There it was, just crouched in the buffalo grass like an alien. I found a monster mushroom on the front lawn this morning. Breakfast anyone?

This hand-sized mushroom looks so delicious. I wonder if it’s poisonous. More important, what would it taste like grilled in a wide-bottom crêpe pan, in chopped garlic and butter with a dash of the left-over red, a noble Stellenbosch shiras? Just a medium pinch of mixed spicy herbs and a smaller pinch of masala. A sprinkle of rock salt. Well, okay then. I’m going to try that now and get back to you. Just kidding.

Seriously, the small mushroom that looks like a miniature hedgehog. What would that taste like, I wonder . . . (6 photographs)?
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