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Archive of entries posted on January 2011

Table Mountain Wonders of the World Part-3

This is the second part of part-2 really. It’s another follow up to the Table Mountain Wonder of the World Part-1 post. It is my great pleasure to present this photo gallery for those that requested some descriptions. Click here for a slide show (31 photos) on Flickr. 20 of 31 North-west over Signal Hill, […]

Table Mountain Wonders of the World Part-2

Here is a follow up to the Table Mountain Wonder of the World Part-1 post. This photo gallery is for you, who wanted some descriptions — you know who you are . . Click here for a slide show (31 photos) on Flickr. 01 of 19 Black girdle-tailed lizard (Cordylus nigra). This lizards defence against […]

Table Mountain Should Win Wonders of The World Title

Table Mountain should definitely be a candidate for any Wonders of the World title. Here is a slide show that attempts to capture the majesty of Table Mountain and the beauty of it’s creation. The photographic selection that I have chosen shows examples of the famous architecture of the Bo Kaap and views of Robben […]

Deepest Sea Shoot for Avatar Sequel in the Marianas Trench

The author of Avatar, James Cameron, is assembling a team to dive to the bottom of the deepest sea. He is planning to shoot footage for a sequel to Avatar. The movie is set in the turbulent waters of Pandora, an alien moon, and it’s expected to hit the circuit in 2014. Cameron has commissioned Australian […]

The Beautiful Bot River Estuary

Last year I took this photo of the lovely Bot River estuary. We are privileged to live within walking distance of its shores. You may notice, if you look up at the top of this page, the banner-header of this website is cropped from the same photograph. Time and time again I am drawn to […]

Quotation Mark And Space After Period: Rules You Should Know About

Have you ever wondered, like me, if one or two spaces should come after a period in a sentence? Well, we are not alone. Apparently there is a dichotomy of opinion on this issue. Strongly held views are asserted by each camp. For the one-spacers, Farhad Manjoo puts it best: “Typing two spaces after a period […]

Dancho Danchev Top Cyber Security Researcher Disappears

Last September a well known independant Cyber Security Researcher, Dancho Danchev, disappeared while working on an assignment in his home country, Bulgaria. According to this report yesterday, by ZNet’s Ryan Naraine, they have been trying to reach him since August last year without success, and they now fear for his safety. In another report yesterday, Kim […]

The Hunter Gatherer Diet and How to Fast Your Way to Better Health

Last night I was up at midnight with my better half indulging in what is known as “the midnight snack.” Why am I telling you this? Because we spontaneously decided to commence with what will henceforth be known as our first thirty-hour-fast. Right after the midnight snack, that is. As I write this to you […]

10 Things I Have Done That You Probably Haven’t

This is a meme doing the internet rounds at the moment. Feel free to leave your own list in the comments below. In no particular order, here is my contribution: 1. Shot a running wild peacock at 300 meters At the age of thirteen I hunted and shot a running ‘Po’, a type of wild […]

Language of Afrikaans and Khoisan Two of 24 Spoken in South Africa

Not many people know that 24 living languages are spoken in South Africa today. Of these, according to some estimates, Afrikaans is spoken by around 23 million people, or 46% of the population of nearly 50 million people. At the other end of the scale, an almost extinct Khoisan language known by various names, including Ng’uki, […]