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Archive of entries posted on December 2010

Good! Day 68 and Still Standing. Reflections of a Non-Smoker

A little over two months ago, after four decades of puffing away, I finally managed to stop smoking. For good. So far so good. No one that has never smoked, and there are a few,  can know just how amazing an achievement this is. I have never been addicted to any substance other than nicotine, […]

Dan Balsam Emails-Anti-Spam-Crusader. This Man Is My Hero

Eight years ago Dan Balsam received one too many emails inviting him to take advantage of an offer to enlarge his breasts. The rest is history. Dan launched a web site called, quit his job in marketing to go to law school and is now making a living suing the authors of emails offering […]

Records On Xray Film: Propaganda Video of Cuban-Missile-Crisis Era

In common with America in the Cold War era of the 1950s, Soviet authorities tried to prevent the evil spread of rock and roll and to save the youth from it’s moral dangers. The video shows a bunch of youths “stiljagi” who are dealing in black-market records behind

Was 3 BC Venus “Star of Wonder” the Real Christmas Star?

A week ago, one morning after a restless night, I was up before dawn. There in the predawn blue-black sky was a burning “star”. So startling in it’s intensity and so bright it was that it seemed unreal. I stared at it for a long time thinking that I had never seen anything quite so […]

Information Leak of WikiLeaks and Why the World Has Changed Forever

In October 2010 nearly 400,000 Iraq war log documents were released to the media. This was the largest leak of information in history. Julian Assange and his organization, WikiLeaks, have changed the world again, as 911 did. Things will never be the same again. The leak of information continues. An avalanche of embarrassing secrets, of […]

So What’s in an Avatar?

An avatar, or gravatar which is the same thing, is an online identity that appears with your post when you comment online. It can be a photograph, an icon, a drawing or even a cartoon character. It’s usually best to use something clear and simple that is easily recognizable. But of course, it is all […]